Marriage And Divorce

Marriage And Divorce

Marriage And Divorce - Institution Of Marriage - Emotional Divorce » Divorce and womenMarriage in India is like a skinny jeans-easy to get into, darned tough to get out of it. Before 1976, you could divorce only if your partner was adulterous, alcoholic or impotent. Not because you did not like the person. Now, the law has taken the liberal turn. Now couples can seek divorce on grounds of incompatibility or irreconcilable differences.

But it is also true that divorces don’t rock the institution of marriage. It only shows that people are taking their own decisions and have the courage to go back on the bad ones. So if your relationship too is going through tough irreconcilable patch, seek the help of a marriage councilor or go for divorce option. Remember that staying married under false pretences or pressure, to keep up appearance is worse than anything else.

Earlier issues related to compatibility and survival was different. But women are now fully independent and with the increased social exposure, have gained in maturity and confidence. They proactively take decisions relating to their relationships. They decide whether to stay in marriage or opt out. Earlier marriages would continue, or break up, irrespective of whether the woman wanted it or not. Now, women are willing to compromise but only up to a point. If they feel that marriage is dissatisfying-financially, emotionally or sexually-divorce comes up as a viable option and solution.

Many couples stay put in bad marriages for the sake of their children. But believe me, it’s not at all a good idea. A couple should think of reconciliation only if they are able to provide an emotionally stable atmosphere to their child. Always keep in mind that a single parent is any day better than a fighting one. Children growing up in troubled marriages are known to be emotionally unstable with low-self esteem, lot of angst and behavioral disorders. So make sure you make a wise decision for yourself and for your child’s future.

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