Marriage and Sexual Dysfunction

Marriage and Sexual Dysfunction

Marriage and Sexual Dysfunction - Sexual Dysfunction In Women & Types of Sexual DysfunctionMarriage is an institution where two committed souls get united under the legal and social banner. It is an accepted norm that the people get married because they are in love, but there is something more than that. A marriage ensures certain social, legal and also economic benefits.

A legal marriage is that where the man and woman register their marriage with the government and exchange vows in front of a marriage officer. However, there are countries, where the common law ensures that if a man and woman lives together more than 5 years and performs the responsibilities as that of a married couple, then they are accepted as married and are subjected to the legal, social and the economic benefits related to the marriage.

Traditionally marriages takes place between two people of opposite sex i.e. a man and a woman. However with the world growing mature and modern every day, there are countries who are gradually accepting the concept of gay marriage where two individuals of the same sex is accepted as couple and is allowed to have the access to the partner’s inheritance and insurances.

Just as there is legal procedure for marriage, there is legal procedure for breaking the marriage too. That is called divorce. Research has shown that in United States, there are as much as 50% of the marriages that are being led into divorce. Divorce can occur due to number of reasons like the difference in opinion, habits, likes, dislikes, etc. But the statics reveals that the one of the most important cause of the divorce is the sexual dissatisfaction between the couples.

Sexual dissatisfaction comes when one or both the partners suffer from Sexual Dysfunction. Sexual Dysfunction is a term used to describe a persistent problem in a man or woman where an individual suffers from lower sex drive and is unwilling to engage in and enjoy sexual intercourse. It has been noticed that the women are more prone to suffer from a sexual dysfunction than men. There can be number of reasons as to why this problem occurs, to jot down few-Fatigue and stress; usage of certain drugs and alcohol; emotional causes like anger, frustration, shock, low self-esteem, depression; feeling of guilt pertaining to the religious and cultural belief.

There are many types of sexual dysfunction, but the most prevalent ones are Aversion to sex, Erectile Dysfunction or Impotency and Premature Ejaculation.

Aversion to sex- It is a kind of dysfunction where an individual possess a negative attitude or a negative emotion towards sex and is reluctant to indulge in the generally comes when an individual falls prey to sexual abuse at some point of time in their life. More women suffer from this type of dysfunction than men.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotency- This is a disorder where a man is incapable of proper erection. It can happen due certain physiological factors like joblessness, criticism by spouse or, can even be due to the usage of certain drugs. Medical issues like prostrate or diabetes too can lead to this kind of disorder.

Premature Ejaculation- This is a problem where a man experience an early ejaculation during the intercourse. This disorder fails to satisfy both the partners.

A person suffering from any of these kinds of dysfunction shall not neglect the issue or feel shy or depressed, but readily heads towards a professional help. There are number of treatments available both natural and by the usage drugs which are capable of curing the disorders and lead you back to a normal life.

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