Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas - Creative Proposal Ideas - Romantic Proposal Ideas - Marriage Proposal Tips » Ideal Proposal IdeasThere are a number of ways to make your proposal to your loved one the most memorable. Here are certain tips for the same. You might have watched the movie Stepmom and if you have not, you should watch it at least once to make yourself aware of the creative proposal shown in the movie.

Asking your loved one to marry you is one of the most important events in a person’s life and you should go out of your way to try to make that moment really creative and special.

I will not suggest the usual popping the question with the ring idea or gift-wrap idea, but I certainly believe that the proposal should be a memorable, romantic, and ultimately a creative one.

It has been found that traditionally the man proposes to the woman in marriage but we have passed those times. There is nothing wrong with a woman taking the lead.

On the other hand, men appreciate woman who are confident and can take the lead and propose. Do not keep any room for apprehensions and conventions in terms of romance. Moving on to proposal ideas, here are some ideal proposal ideas, which can be romantic and creative at the same time.

Propose with a romantic video

We use advance technology to make our lives simple. So let’s take advantage of this technology and use it to make our proposal a special moment. Record some of the special moments in a video.

It could comprise of moments during a vacation, birthday parties, birthday videos, and a collection of all these moments using special video software. If you have special photographs, you may include them as well.

You may also record some in your own voice and add it to play along with those videos. You can also add some romantic audio tracks to be played while the video is on. Then, you can pop the question at the end of the video.

Early Morning Proposal

If you want to propose to your partner during the morning time, as she/he is a morning person, you may do so by finding out her walking or jogging track and hand over a flower with a ring kept in between. This would be one of the ideal proposal ideas to make the moment special.

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