Married In A Year Movie Review

Married In A Year Movie Review

Married In A Year Movie Review - Married In A Year Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & RatingsTired of waiting and waiting for that perfect person to show up so that you can marry him/her and settle down in life? Well then you are not alone. As human beings, it is normal for individuals to have certain aspirations and objectives when it comes to choosing their soul mates.

And indeed, most individuals see to it that the person they choose fulfills most if not all of these requirements before giving the final nod. However what they fail to realise is that searching for a soul mate with a standard set of conditions is not an easy task.

And if you are one of those individuals who are tired of looking, and looking, —- and looking for the perfect partner, then there is no need to worry! For here comes a movie, or should we say documentary that gives you a sure shot method to find the person of your dreams and marry him/her, all within a span of just one year.

You heard it right! All you need is one year and a good action plan to land the person of your dreams and settle down in life. And if you are wondering as to what that action plan would be, watch ‘Married In A Year’.

Directed by Neil Steinberg, ‘Married In A Year’ released worldwide on February 1, 2011 and stars Patti Stanger who happens to be the CEO of the Millionaire’s Club Matchmaking Service. Patti also happens to be the star of the TV series ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ which is quite a hit with viewers who watch it on Bravo TV.

Revolving around the concept of following a fool proof action plan (as laid out by Patti) to get married within a year, the movie helps you in more ways than one. These include finding the love of your life, convincing him/her that you are the right person for him/her, popping the question and of course, the culmination; marriage!

Married In A Year Movie Review - Married In A Year Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Ratings

Patti assures the viewers that her marriage plan is a tried and tested method to finding a soul mate. And indeed, throughout the course of the movie, you get to see her dish out several tips on how to recognise yourself as a person, how to attract the right person, what not to do on a date, red flags in a relationship, and other significant details that would help you realise the true potential of her no nonsense approach to love and marriage.

Patti guides you effectively through all the stages of a relationship right from the first three months which she reveals are dedicated to yourself as you recognise your own qualities and interests before gauging what qualities you would want your mate to have.

The film also showcases several interviews with sex and relationship experts about the qualities that are inherent in healthy relationships and the benefits of the same. Patti also organizes guest lectures with singles about the basics of dating and marriage.

Extremely useful are the sequences where Patti dishes out wonderful advice about the importance of setting clear boundaries and being honest in a relationship. Added to these are a few staged scenes that help you understand the concepts better. These include enacted scenes portraying the best approach to meet the right kind of person, to showcase your true self; and to forget past relationships.

Married In A Year Movie Review - Married In A Year Movie Story, Movie Review, Cast & Ratings

And although Patti looks a bit rushed on stage (which can be attributed to the fact that she is new to this form of television), the movie works out well as it winds down to a neat finish. Definitely worth watching for all those neat tips on how to work out your love life and marriage!

Our Verdict: A must watch for singles and those desperately trying to stick onto a relationsip if not trying to get into one.

Director: Neil Steinberg

Cast: Sascha Alexander, Dr. Pat Allen, and Matthew Bennett

Rating: 3.5/5

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