Marvelous Manama

Marvelous Manama

Marvelous Manama - The dual towers in manama - Manama tourism - Nature manama » Marvelous ManamaManama also called Al-Manamah; it is the capital of a small country Bahrain and is one of the hottest places of visit. From all over the world tourists pour in to the city to enjoy its unique culture, rich heritage, palatial luxury accommodations, tasty foods and affordable rates for shopping lovers. So, guys can spend a few fun filled night life and can enjoy the cultural rich heritage of Manama. The place really offers heaps of diversity to the travelers and the tourists around the globe.

After landing in the Bahrain International airport, a rental car can take you to 5 Km North Manama. Once the journey begins each and every building and the road side beauty will make you feel out of the world. The fusion of modern amenities and the old cultural buildings in the city is really appreciable. If you are in a less budget trip then choose a small hotel where you can get airy rooms and a beach where you can sit and see the natural beauty of Manama. Soon the wander of the Moroccan architecture will make you speechless.

Before going out to explore the city life talk to the locals and hear the wonderful history of the place. Because of the fertility and the beauty it was occupied by many empires. Since 2000 the monarchs share their power with the elected parliament. From land cultivation to oil refineries Manama is a place of huge natural resources.

Though Manama represents Islamic culture still the place has 20% non native citizen and also they have English speaking community mostly. With the rich Islamic arts and crafts one can behold the cultural richness of the place. The museum and also the dhows, the Arab boats are few pieces of wonder for the tourists.

Manama is a shopper’s paradise. With glass domed and marble floored shopping malls it offers shoppers a huge variety for selection. Now and then the sweet shops and the fish market also make your food choices more wide. So with camel riding, pearl diving in the sea, with Museum and rich craftsmanship, with liberal partying environment and with huge hotels worth for paying, Manama is a beautiful destination for every men once in his lifetime. So if you are planning for a refreshing holiday it’s the time for Manama visit!!!!!

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