Massive Muscles

Massive Muscles

Massive Muscles - Exercise for Massive Muscles - Massive Muscle Building - The Key to Building Muscle » Want Massive MusclesDo you ever look at men or women with bulky biceps and say to yourself, I want that type of body! Ever wonder how to have the perfect ripple of a six pack! Most of us would love the body builder figure.

You may figure that you do not have the ability to alter your body’s structure but I can tell you that it is quite simple. You just need to be energetic, have great stamina and motivation. A sculptured body can be achieved by using a strict program of diet and exercise.


In the gym, you need to concentrate on an exercise program, which is adapted towards the part of your body of which you would like to build muscle.

The essential key to building muscle is by weightlifting. The most important thing about weightlifting is to ensure that you know the correct technique for each piece of equipment you use.

You need to continuously challenge your tolerance levels by increasing the amount of weights that you lift. The concept of weight lifting is the continuous contraction of the muscle, which promotes its growth.

The muscle contracts with the pressure of the weight and tears. It repairs itself by growing additional tissues to repair the tear. It is this re-growth, which increases muscles.

If you’ve never weight lifted, lift up a heavy object now and watch how your biceps tense up. Now try a heavier object to feel more pressure on your muscles. Does it feel sore yet!

But Be Careful!

Your body tells you when you have reached your tolerance level. A lot of people make the mistake of pushing themselves too far too fast when it comes to building muscle. Beware as your body may fight back! Many injuries can be caused during body building.


In conjunction with exercising you need to be eating the appropriate diet to ensure that your body has the nutrients to effectively build your muscles.

One of the best sources of food, which you need during body building is protein. This can be achieved through red meat, pulses etc. The key to a defined body structure is to ensure that your body maintains a low fat level.

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