Masti Express Movie Review

Masti Express Movie Review

Masti Express Movie Review - Masti Express Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingIt seems like more and more organisations are venturing into the film industry these days. While most of them do it for business related purposes, others seem to cash in on the popularity and use these films as platforms to advertise themselves. And after sports, hotels and oil companies etc. it is now the turn of schools to enter the world of cinema. Not a healthy combination I would say!

Released on February 18, 2011, ‘Masti Express’ stars a bevy of otherwise idle actors like Razzak Khan, Mushtaq Sheik and Vijay Patkar in addition to being the launch vehicle for Ryan Pinto who happens to be the CEO of the national education chain. Indeed, the end product appears to be one giant placard for Ryan International School and appears to play out like a two hour advertisement for the school rather than a movie.

Raju (Rajpal Yadav) is a ‘rickshaw wallah’, an auto drive whose daily duties include ferrying two kids Tanya and John to upmarket Ryan International School. Raju lives with his wife Seema (Divya Dutta) and his son Babu (who is not his son at all, or so we get to know as the movie progresses). And for Raju, life is nothing short of a daily struggle as he tries to make ends meet with his rundown rickshaw, all the while facing the hysterics of his suicidal wife Seema.

Raju’s professional life has its own share of problems as well. As a member of the ‘rickshaw’ drivers’ union, Raju faces constant oppostition and threats from a local goon called Veerubhai (Johhny Lever) who alongwith his team of local thugs, try to create problems for him at every other instant.

Raju’s son Babu aspires to go to school and Raju tries in vain to get him admitted into Ryan International. When Babu is rejected on grounds of financial insufficiency (the school authorities think that being the auto driver that he is, Raju will not be able to pay the school fees), Raju decides to do something about it and rake up the money somehow.

Masti Express Movie Review - Masti Express Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

It is at this time that the ‘rickshaw’ drivers’ union arranges an auto rickshaw race where the prize money happens to be ten lakh rupees. Raju realises that this is the golden opportunity he is waiting for and enters his name in the race. Some of the school kids at Ryan International help Raju alongwith their senior Remo, who looks like some kind of computer, design and engineering genius, all put together.

However, the group is not aware of the fact that the auto rickshaw race is in fact organised by Veerubahi who dreams of bagging the prize money himself. Hence, the latter decides to take part in the race as well and tries to sabotage everyone else’s attempts of winning the race, Raju included. How Raju manages to win the race and get the prize money forms the rest of the story of ‘Masti Express’.

In stark contrast to its name Masti Express which promises you loads of fun and entertainment, the film plays out to be nothing but a huge disappointment. Absolutely nothing seems to work for the movie whose screenplay is filled with giant sized loopholes.

The dialogues are meaningless and the editing is flawed, resulting in several sequences not synchronising with each other. The songs are misplaced and occur at wrong intervals. Even the characters seem out of place in this mess. While Raju is portrayed as a jovial person, what we actually get to see on screen is a grouchy individual who just mopes around througout the movie.

Masti Express Movie Review - Masti Express Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

And Veerubhai who comes off as a goofy don, turns dangerously sly in the later half of the movie when he decides to do away with anyone and everyone standing in between him and the prize money. No scope whatsoever for Johnny Lever who seems to have resorted to doing meaningless roles like this that stiffle his comic potential.

Rajpal Yadav and Divya Dutta are wasted although they seem to light up the screenplay at certain intervals. Even the supporting actors, including Razzak Khan, Manoj Joshi and Vijay Patkar seem to have no scope for decent performances. And when it comes to Ryan Pinto, all we can say is that the person should either take some detailed acting lessons or just stick to what he know best, running schools.

On the whole, ‘Masti Express’ turns out to be nothing but one giant blooper which badly tarnishes the name of the school chain that ventured into the project. With the movie failing badly in each and every department, it is only evident that the final result would also be the same.

Our Verdict: Fail! Give it a miss!

Director: Vikram Pradhan

Cast: Rajpal Yadav, Divya Dutta, Johnny Lever, Ryan Pinto, Razzak Khan, Manoj Joshi and Vijay Patkar

Rating: 1.5/5

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