Maxx MX513 Price, Review, Features And Specifications

Maxx MX513 Price, Review, Features And Specifications

Maxx MX513 Price, Review, Features And SpecificationsReleased on March 12, 2011, the dual standby and dual SIM supported Maxx MX513 has a bar form factor and works over the network bandwidth of GSM900/1800Mhz GSM900 / 1800 MHz. Having a size of 118.5x50x11.3mm and a weight of 89 grams, the low-priced Maxx MX513 comes built-in with a liion1000mAh battery that renders quite satisfactory talktime and standby time.

Camera & Display

The Maxx MX513 has a TFT type of screen display. The built-in display provides a good quality of content, images and videos through its amazing resolution and screen colors. In addition, the phone also comes included with a camera of 1.3mp that accounts for crystal-clear, crisp & sharp images as well as videos via its 1280.0 x 1024.0 pixels resolution and accessorial supports such as a digital zoom, video capture and etc.

Connectivity & Data

The Maxx MX513 also allows users to enjoy chatting, emailing, uploading, downloading and messaging through its connectivity options of Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE. Plus, the phone lets users share & exchange data with other Bluetooth & USB-based contraptions.

Maxx MX513 Price, Review, Features And Specifications

Memory & Music

The Maxx MX513 touts to have an internal memory of 128MB & an expandable memory of 8GB, which lets users store a huge amount of data like contacts, entries, fields, images, videos etc. Further, users can also send photos via MMS and enjoy texting through SMS. Additional music features of the MX513 include polyphonic ringtones, headset, FM radio including recording, MP3 player including stereo speaker and etc.

Price & Availability

The Maxx MX513 has been rolled out in market, but nothing has been said about its price details so far. Unless we reveal its price details, you can enjoy its glaring sheet of features and specifications.

On the whole, the Maxx MX513 is a suitably-priced mobile phone, which proffers lots of stupendous attributes. This phone is perfect for all those who are looking for a budget cell phone with budget-friendly price tag. Although the MX513 may have to vie with all other phones in the same segment, its feats & specs reveal that it will beat the heat of them and could make a niche in the world of mobile phones. Let’s hope for the best!

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