Mayan Civilization

Mayan Civilization

Mayan Civilization - Mystery of Mayan Civilization - Skills of Mayan Civilization - End of Mayan Civilization | Tips on - Find TipsMuch before settlers from Europe landed in the area stretching from southern part of the present Mexico till the entire Central American region, a highly developed civilization had already set its footprint on the Mexican soil. At that time this region was known as Mesoamerica.


The inhabitants of Mayan society were extremely proficient in the science of astronomy, used sophisticated written and spoken language. The inhabitants of Mayan society were the masters in the field of architecture. They constructed lofty buildings as well as boasts of beautiful object d’art.


Prior to its end, the Mayan civilization extended from midst of the northern part of the country of Guatemala transversely to the valley of cape of Yucatan. According to the some of the samples lifted from the soil of the region, it appears that a large scale clearing of forests began in the region around thousand to twelve thousand years ago. This large scale devastation of forests consequently made way for discriminating corrosion as well as increasing depletion of water in the form of evaporation.


The increasing process of deforestation concurred with that of dwindling population of Mayan society. Reasons forwarded to justify sudden decline is that the inhabitants of the region were unable to tap the underground water for their use and were solely dependent on rainfall.

In the present time-period, whenever the region receives rainfall, it quickly disperses in the form of water vapour sooner than somebody can efficiently utilize it. However, by archaeological excavations and researches it has been discovered that the low-lying areas of Mayan civilization bore an abandoned look by the year AD 950.


Several archaeological missions have been undertaken to explore the mysteries behind the growth, maturity and sudden decline of Mayan civilization. Till now, we know about this civilization through excavated towns, cities, underground canals, artificial lake, pyramids and marvelous buildings.


The inhabitants of Mayan Society prepared a world calendar known as Long Count Calendar till the year 2012. After that there’s no sign of any period. It has been presumed that December 21, 2012 will be the last day of the existence of the earth. However, if we look from the scientific viewpoint, twenty first of December is the date of winter solicitude. The calendar has been commenced from 100 BC and is considered as enormously correct more than that of a present day calendar.

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