Mean Girls 2 Movie Review

Mean Girls 2 Movie Review

Mean Girls 2 Movie Review - Mean Girls 2 Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingRemember the 2004 movie titled ‘Mean Girls’ which starred Lindsay Lohan as the rebellious outsider who fought against all odds put across by the ‘Plastics’ group in order to get accepted as a normal high school student?

The final scene of the original movie showed Lohan dishing out a warning to three freshman students about maintaining the peace of the school. This probably prompted Director Mark Waters to come up with a sequel to the movie which; titled ‘Mean Girls 2’ hit theaters worldwide this Sunday (January 23, 2011).

And although the original Mean Girls movie went on to became a cult of sorts in the teen pop culture genre, we can’s say the same about it’s sequel that moves along the same path with very few tweaks whatosever! All it manages to do is end up being a harmless attempt at film making with plenty of unfavorable comparisons to the original.

Welcome back to North Shore High which played the backdrop to the original movie as well. The school’s back and so is the principal; the same old Mr. Duvall (appropriately essayed by Tim Meadows who appeared in the prequel as well) who runs the school pretty much the same way he did in ‘Mean Girls’.

Nothing much has changed in the school as well. It is clearly seen that Lohan’s attempts in the original to spread the message of equality among the students has fallen on deaf years. For North Shore High is again run by a group of rich, cruel, intimidating and obnoxious girls who pick on whomever they consider is inferior to them.

Accordingly, we are introduced to the newer generation Plastics group which comprises of three of the most beautiful, obnoxious and ruthless girls in school. Leading the pack is Mandi (Maiara Walsh) who hates anything and everything that tries to stand against her.

Her two sidekicks include Hope (Nicole Gale Anderson) who is terrified of germs (she feels germs will make her look ugly, which for her is nothing short of death itself), and Chastity (Clarie Holt) who constantly looks out for prospective male students she can sleep with. As a team, the Plastics are intolerable and yet unstoppable, having their way with whatever they want, however they want! That is, until Jo shows up!

Mean Girls 2 Movie Review - Mean Girls 2 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Jo (played by Meaghan Martin) is a transfer student whose engine mechanic father constantly points out ‘Life is a race. You have to be in it in order to win it’! Brought up by her father, Jo prefers restoring car engines to participating in teen girl dramas anyday. However, things are going to change for her at North Shore High, or so she finds out pretty soon.

Jo is an immediate attention grabber at school with her ‘outsider’ ways which include riding a Vespa to school and wearing leather pants; something that does not go down very well with Mandi who is used to being the center of attention till now.

Her overwhelming jealousy prompts her to target Jo for her nasty pranks and soon Jo finds herself getting sucked into the very teen drama she wanted to stay far away from.

Mean Girls 2 Movie Review - Mean Girls 2 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

The two girls get into a head on battle about who’s the best and while Mandi tries to sabotage Jo’s attempts to get into a reputed college, Jo fights back with her own bag of nasty tricks (for example, she makes Mandi’s boyfriend throw up all over her at a party). How everything gets sorted out in the end is what Mean Girls 2 is all about.

Face it! With such a predictable plot (same as the original), you have a clear idea on where the film is headed even before it begins. And while the original Mean Girls movie had plenty of interesting moments laced into the pacy narrative, the sequel is dull in comparison and lacks the punch we so enjoyed in the original. The reason for this may be attributed to the countless number of teen flicks and high school dramas that we have been subjected to since the release of the prequel in 2004.

‘Mean Girls 2’ however manages to retain its entertainment quotient by reeling in several Disney stars (who have acted in various Disney shows and movies) to play the lead characters. The performances are in turn praiseworthy and genuine.

Mean Girls 2 Movie Review - Mean Girls 2 Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Mean Girls 2 also manages to dish out an important lesson to all freshman students, the same message that was showcased in the original movie as well. High school is more or less a jungle and you need to be smart (and a keen observer of the surroundings) in order to survive!

The film released without much hype which would probably limit its run at the box office. So if you are waiting to catch up on this ‘old soup in a new cup’ movie, better wait for the DVD version which releases soon enough on February 1, 2011.

Director: Mark Waters

Cast: Meaghan Martin, Maiara Walsh, Nicole Gale Anderson, Clarie Holt and Tim Meadows.

Rating: 2/5

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