Medicinal benefits of honey

Medicinal benefits of honey

Medicinal benefits of honey - What are the medicinal Benefits of honey - Health benefits of honey - Medicinal value of raw honey » Medicinal benefits of honeyDo you know that the yellow –capped squeezie beer in your pantry is made up of contents that have far more advantages than just sweetening your daily cuppa of tea? It is a perfect natural antiseptic, a moisturizer and age-fighter too.

The presence of large amount of sugar in honey makes it a perfect wound healer. Don’t be surprised to read that people from thousands of years have been using honey for healing purposes because of its great germ killing powers. The thick, sticky consistency of honey makes it as natural, protective salve healing your wound quickly. Applying honey on the blisters that may have developed during your camping trips helps in healing them in leaps and bounds.

Even honey is a great moisturizer for your body too. Its natural humectants which create a plumping effect on the layers of your skin temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. You can easily use it before your morning presentation or before stepping out for a big gala night out. For preparing a soothing honey moisturizing mask, take 2 tbsp of honey and 2 tsp of whole milk. Warm it slightly in a microwave. Smooth the paste onto your face and neck and then lie down for 10 minutes. Later rinse off with water and pat dry. Trust me; this mask soothes dry, sensitive and irritated skin in a very effective manner.

Applying honey regularly on your face also helps in lightening your facial hair. Just mix 1tsp of honey and half a lemon juice together and apply on your face to lighten your facial hair.

Honey has anti-ageing powers too. Especially the dark honeys like honey dew and buckwheat varieties contains antioxidants that blocks the skin cells from damaging the free radicals of your skin.

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