Medicine Ball Exercises For Abs

Medicine Ball Exercises For Abs

Medicine Ball Exercises For Abs - Medicine Ball Abs Workout - Benefits Of The Medicine Ball » Medicine Ball For Better AbsThe medicine ball affords a easy, fun and effective way to exercise and moves listed here can be mastered in just a few minutes! So, if you too want flatter abs before summer sets in and the proven scientific benefits of the medicine ball, read on!

The medicine ball enables you to have a higher intensity workout that gives results similar to doing crunches with less of the muscle-strain and boredom of regular abs workouts! Shape up sooner for summer by using the medicine ball as the seated twist move to the reverse crunch-times are just a few of the moves that get you to your weight loss goal faster!

The first exercise requires you to sit on the ground with your back straight, then lean forward a little with knees bent at 90 degrees and heels about 15” apart on the floor. Keeping the medicine ball in front of your chest, turn your torso to the left; placing the ball on the floor at the back, twist to the right to pick the ball, move left and put it behind you again.

Doing 8-12 reps of this on both sides will make it one set; you need to build this to at least 3 sets per workout for better, firmer, stronger abs! Also remember, it is vital you keep your head aligned with your chest through all the side twists because this enables you to finish moves faster!

The reverse crunch includes knee drop moves and is the second exercise for better abs we feature for you: you need to lie on your back, rest hands on the floor beside you, keeping knees bent at 90 degrees with the ball between these, rest feet off the floor and back straight on the floor throughout.

Contract abs pulling knees to the chest and resuming start position slowly, concentrating on breathing and doing the same on the left, then right; 8-12 reps on alternate sides will make it one set. Do at least 3 for improved ab fitness!

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