Melbourne City

Melbourne City

Melbourne City - Hotels In Melbourne - Melbourne Museum - Spectacular City » Melbourne….A Spectacular City in AustraliaMelbourne is among the major cities of the world and has got some unique reasons for its popularity. The life in this big City of Australia is very modern and up-to-date. The population of the City is famous for setting up many worldwide trends. The City has a rich art history as well and there are many other reasons behind the popularity of the City, which includes architecture, cinemas, music, fashion and cuisine.

Melbourne is a famous destination among the tourists worldwide because of shopping, social life, history and cultural heritage. The visitors who have deep interest in history have much to see in Melbourne as there are many museums in the City which have preserved the history of the City.

The famous museums in the City include Holocaust Museum, Melbourne Museum, Moorabbin Air Museum, Australian Racing Museum, Railway Museum and Jewish Museum. There are many other museums as well, besides the few listed above.

There are many art galleries as well in the City, which are for those who love art. There are many institutions as well which specialize as art institutes. Melbourne is a City which has a large collection of art and related work. The list of famous galleries in Melbourne include Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria International, Linden Arts Centre, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne Valley of Arts, Monash Gallery and many others. All these art galleries have their own unique collections of art work and every gallery is different from the other.

There are many local markets in the City which include Queen Victoria Market, Camberwell Market, Prahan Market and many others. All these markets have much on offer for the buyers. There are many markets which are famous for the craft and art collection, and these markets include Rose Street Artist Market, St Kilda Farmers Market, Esplanade Market and Hawthorn Craft Market. There are many designers’ boutiques and brands as well in Melbourne.

There are many luxury and five star hotels in Melbourne which have their own unique elegance and style to offer to the visitors.

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