Men Hair Styles

Men Hair Styles

Men Hair Styles - Short Hairstyles For Men - Long Hairstyles For Men | Tips on - Find TipsHair is the most important thing to enhance your personality, and here we give you the most trendy, stylish and sophisticated hairstyles for men. It’s is one of the first thing woman notice, so take a time to choose your hairstyle that complements your personality and face shape.

1. Short length hairstyle:

It gives you a schoolboy look and keep the men tidy and neat looking. It is one of the versatile hairstyle for men, work with every situation. Today men are going everywhere office, nightclub to formal occasion and playing sports in weekend. And this hairstyle fit to every occasion. In short length, we have different categories like:
a. Extra soft haircut, this hairstyle belongs to crew and army member and created by military barbers.
b. High and tight hairstyle, it involves cutting the side and back of the hair very short while leaving the top slightly longer.
c. The traditional flattop, this hairstyle made popular in the 1950 and still common, the sides and back are cut like a crew cut, while the top is left.

Short length hairstyle takes less time after shower. If you have oval, square, heart and triangular face shapes then this hairstyle is perfect for you.
2. Medium length hairstyle:

Medium length hairstyle looks trendy and stylish. In this hairstyle, teenagers prefer messy looks while middle age people choose better and organized looks. It can allow for a huge variety of individual expression in a range of textures, shape and sizes. No matter how their face structure is, it looks good on most of the men.
This is the most popular hairstyle and the latest trend in the industry.

3. Long length Hairstyle:

This hairstyle can be an attractive, personal statement and very appealing for women. It gives you an opportunity to try many different looks with your hairstyle. To maintain a healthy and attractive long hairstyle is very difficult, for this you can use quality shampoo and conditioner twice or thrice a week.
Clean and well groomed long length hairstyle is much more noticeable. Long length hairstyle is more acceptable these days but still there are some people who don’t like it.

4. Faux- Hauk hairstyle:

In this hairstyle, the hair on top of the head is combed upward to resemble a small fan, while the hair on the sides is kept short and tidy. It looks good in oblong and heart shape faces.

5. Curly Hairstyle:

Curly hair style belongs to casual and relaxed guy. If you want curly hairstyle then keep your hair well-conditioned and soft. Natural curls are genetically, and if you use techniques to curly your hair then chose the right parlour is most important. If you have curly hairstyle then uses moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, wash your hair thrice a week. Curls have increased in popularity again and they look great.
Legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon says “Hair is another name for sex”. So enjoy the different type of hairstyle according to your personality.

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