Men marry women akin to their mothers

Men marry women akin to their mothers

Men marry women akin to their mothers - Men akin to their mothers - Men marry under pressure » Men marry women akin to their mothersBoys always treat their mother as their role models in order to choose a good prospective partner. Most of the surveys and studies have confirmed the truth behind the above statement. It is true that men are likely to marry with women who behave just like their mother. The first lady with whom boys get in touch in their life is their mother. Since, childhood a boy see his mother’s outstanding personality. The way she loves her children, the way she cook for family, take care of them as well as of their home is all important for the children. When boys grow up, they realize the importance and correct definition of the loving mother in their life.

The mother with average qualification, simple looks with lots of love and care becomes the idol woman for them. Thus, they conclude about the qualities that should be present in their future partner just like their mom. In some recent study it is revealed that men who are earning high salaries and graduates want to marry with a woman who has the level of education just like their mom.

As per the study on the above topic by the Iowa University, it is disclosed that those who have working mothers are interested to have working partners with well paid jobs. It is also shown by many surveys that 80% of highly educated men whose mothers are graduate want to have a spouse with average qualification or similar with their mothers. However, 62% of men agreed that highly educated women can be a good partner as well as mother.

The definition of a good wife in the view of most of the men may not be completed until they compare most of the qualities of their mothers with future partner. So, the conclusion is that most men want to have their partner as perfect as their mothers are. Men also want from their partners to manage family and work as their mothers do. Hence, it can be concluded easily that most of the men are highly influenced by their mothers and thus they make an image of their spouse that resembles with their mother to some extent

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