Mens Casual Clothing

Mens Casual Clothing

Mens Casual Clothing - Formal Wear Men - White Dress Shirt - Men Wardrobe » Classic Items Every Man Should OwnStyles seem to go in and out of fashion almost daily, but there are some items that always stay around. These are things that every man should own and once you find the perfect piece, you can’t live without it.

Casual Clothing

White shirts have made a comeback, but were they ever really gone? Every closet should have certain items to survive and this is a big one. You should always have a nice white dress shirt and a nice white, plain t-shirt. They go with just about everything. The look will be simple yet stylish.

Of course, jeans are also a must; they can also be dressed up to look appropriate just about anywhere. Add a pair of black loafers and you have a complete outfit. Black loafers are the ultimate although some people disagree, they are easy to slide on and off and because of their simplicity, and are considered a must have.

Just like the white t-shirt, a blazer or sport coat can dress up a shabby appearance. Stick with a good solid color, usually black, and keep it simple – the blazer will remain timeless.

It can be worn to the office or with a good pair of jeans to a night on the town. Another must have is sunglasses, they can be quite useful in both summer and winter. Keep with a simple style like the aviators and these glasses will double as part of your wardrobe.

Formal Wear

Although not as commonly used as casual clothing, formal wear is still very important. A well-made two-piece suit is actually a requirement in men’s closets.

The two-piece suit can be used with many of the items you should already have, such as white shirts, black loafers and belts. It may not be worn that often but when it is needed, you’ll be thankful you have one. You should also have a couple of solid color ties to go with your suit or to dress up a white tee or blazer and a black belt, simple yet bold.

Must Have Accessories

Accessories put the final touches on any outfit and can make a big difference. Silver cuff links complete any suit and add flair successfully. A great stylish watch is a major must-have item.

Something that looks updated but traditional is definitely worth the investment. It is also a good idea to get a special reserve cologne for important meetings, either for business or for after hours.

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