Mens Fashion Tips

Mens Fashion Tips

Mens Fashion Tips - Tips For Looking Slim Men - Basic Rules Of Looking Slim » Fashion Tips For Looking SlimIf you have plump body and you want to achieve a trimmer look, dreaming isn’t all you have to do! Even if the long term goal for this is through correct diet and right workouts, which are the perfect options, open for you, you can apply some practical fashion tips for looking slim and achieve the leaner, fitter appearance – with some effective image play.

When you lose weight, naturally, your clothes fit better and you look smarter; however, while you aim towards that final goal, there are ways to inspire self-confidence and still look attractive and lean, just by picking the right clothes with a slimming look!

Follow our fashion tips for looking slim; these are sure to help you give your shape a more defined look and look trim and smart, too!

If you wear loud or bold patterns, avoid this; it will only bring more focus to the upper half on your body and create a disproportionate look for you. Instead, choose to wear clothes that have vertical lines in their pattern; these will give you a certain visual continuity and thus, help achieve a longer, slimmer look as they seem to lengthen your frame. Also, opt for dark, solid colors, which instantly knock off ten pounds from you – these are immediate shape fixers!

V-neck shirts also give the appearance of a thinner neckline, so men with double chins and thick necks should pick such necklines and preferably wear shirts with very sharp collars – no turtleneck tops! The latter can make your short neck almost disappear and thus, make you look stockier and shorter.

If you wear three-button blazers as a plump man, these will trim you down and look good on you as they will create length and slimness illusion. In such a case, always leave the top button of your blazer open; this prevents inner wear from being bunched up to give an ungainly look.

Finally, concentrate on correct posture for a slimmer look; do not slouch or stand awkwardly, but hold your stomach in and chest out (as naturally as possible); to add inches to your height and give a slim look, wear shoes with little heel (about half an inch to one inch should do the trick!)

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