Mens Formal Shoes

Mens Formal Shoes

Mens Formal Shoes - Shoe Care Tips - Comfortable And Stylish Formal Shoes » Formal Shoes And Care TipsTassel loafers, Oxfords, Brogues and eve Suede or Nubuck Leatherlites are among the top formal shoes for men. Right from making them look well-heeled to giving them a distinguished aura, the right type of formal shoes can give a formal, complete man look to any regular Joe you know.

This is the reason why it is important to know which type of formal shoe requires a particular maintenance plan and where you can tend to go easy on the after-care and simply let the occasional sunning out do the trick.

For example, just like you wouldn’t pair suede tassel loafers with your more formal wool business suits but instead pair them with linen suits, semi-formal or lounge wear pants (even jeans, though branded, well tailored dark ones go best with them), you need to know that your high-end Prada moccasin style shoes can easily be worn for the Friday after-work club night outing.

Similarly, if you’ve shelled out the heavy dough on a classic pair of Gucci shoes, you better have the business suit to go with this upmarket, suave and sexy me look this high-end brand tends to blaze out to others: in fact, for many young fashion conscious young men, this is the ultimate name in men’s shoe and possessing a pair (or more) would be considered an investment in top-class grooming for them.

For the more casual occasions, get a good pair of neutral coloured Penny loafers (e.g. Reebok, Nike, Lee Cooper are offering shades like aubergine, coal grey, dull mauve, forest green, gunnysack beige for evening wear that also works well with corporate brunch hour wear just as well as it does on the golf course should the boss require you to tag along one of these days).

These go well with khaki-and-blazer mix and match dressing styles favoured by all age groups of men. You can team these with shorts and a polo-neck shirt just as well as you can wear them along with chinos.

Best care for these types of dress shoes includes wearing over-shoes (rubber ones) during rainy, slushy weather, keeping them on shoe-trees (so they air out and keep their shape) and wearing them in rotation.

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