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Mens Loungewear

Mens Loungewear - Tips For Loungewear - Loungewear Style » Rules For LoungewearJust as it is important to choose what you wear outside to look presentable, desirable, professional or playboy types (depending on your mood, situation and target audience), it is equally important to learn the do’s and don’ts of loungewear, even when you think the kind of stuff you hang around home in or walk the dog to the park is not noticed! Women notice everything!

So, if you want to be noticed by the women in your life (and hope to make the right one/s stick around), here are a few tips for loungewear that you can follow to build a style icon reputation. The first most important rule about loungewear is not to take it for granted that its something no-one looks at or judges you by: much like underwear mistakes men make, thinking it can’t be seen so it doesn’t matter, loungewear though casual wear, is akin to thoughts – can’t be seen, yet are the driving force behind your actions.

So pick the right skivvies, if the style suits you and drop the baggy sweatshirts if they just hang loose from your shoulders on your lanky frame. Don’t look to ape your buddy’s style – get your own!

On the other hand, if the cover model on the latest men’s mag is dressed in nothing but briefs and has the women drooling over him, it doesn’t mean you go right out by your apartment window hugging a cup of coffee and stuffed into y-fronts on display for the neighbourhood: unless you have muscled legs and the tight abs to go with it, move to smart boxers that will show only what you are proud to.

Purge your t-shirt collection of faded and loose-necked varieties; dump the crewnecks that have seen better days and even the collared ones with limp collars besides the ones with armpit sweat marks (switch to an antiperspirant like Old Spice original that has a non-aluminium base). These don’t do a thing for your suave image! If white tees look any other shade, give them away; if your tees don’t rest flat against your chest, avoid wearing them over a close-fitting baseball jersey.

Buy tees and track-pants with lycra-mix for better shape and wash these in a non-chlorine bleach to make them last.

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