Microwave Oven Cooking Tips

Microwave Oven Cooking Tips

Microwave Oven Cooking Tips - How to Use a Microwave Oven - Tips on Microwave Oven Cooking | Tips on - Find TipsMicrowave oven has become the quintessential appliance of our kitchens. Here are some microwave cooking tips to help you in your daily cooking activities.

Cutting and Arranging Vegetables
In a microwave oven, foods tend to be cooked equally from all sides. Therefore, always try to cut your vegetables in equal pieces, to ensure equal cooking. When you are preparing a vegetable dish with several types of vegetables, arrangement of the vegetable pieces in the cooking bowl is essential for proper cooking. Do not mix the vegetables of different textures together. The tender or smaller pieces of vegetables, such as mushrooms or bell peppers should be arranged around the center of the bowl, with the harder or larger pieces arranged around them, near the outer part of the bowl.

Occasionally turn round the food to ensure that the food is cooked evenly on all sides. Compared to square or rectangular utensils, round cooking bowls are more suited for microwave cooking. Cover the cooking bowl while cooking in a microwave oven. This helps to prevent the moisture from escaping. The trapped moisture, not only keeps the food tender, but it also reduces the cooking time. You should use a tight lid or an aluminum foil to cover food that is steamed or cooked with little water. Foods with lots of juice should be covered with a lid with several slits for the excess vapor to escape. Compared to the amount of liquid needed in conventional cooking, cut the volume of liquid needed in microwave cooking by a third.

Standing time
It takes approximately six minutes to cook a pound of most foods, including vegetables, poultry and meat. Fish and seafood can be cooked faster. After removing the food from the microwave oven, you should allow it to stand aside for sometime. Approximately twenty percent of the cooking takes place during this time. During the standing time, do not remove the lid covering the food. If you have cooked your food uncovered, cover the food with a lid during the standing time.

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