Midgets vs. Mascots Movie Review

Midgets vs. Mascots Movie Review

Midgets vs. Mascots Movie Review - Midgets vs. Mascots Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingMocumentary style comedies are always either incredible hits or miserable flops. The same can be applied to Director Ron Carlson’s latest offering which is titled ‘Midgets vs. Mascots’.

True to its name, the film centers on a battle between five little people (fondly called ‘Midgets’ throughout the movie) and five little mascots who stand to win one million dollars if they can oust each other in a series of bizarre competitions (30 in fact).

The makers of the film claim it to be some kind of a Borat meets Jackass documentary. However, promising as it may sounds; the film comes with a good number of flaws and some disgustingly crude competitions that will leave many an audience rushing off to the front door even before the first part is over.

The story of Midgets Vs Mascots goes something like this. A Texas millionaire by the name of Big Red (played by Richard Howland) leaves a will of one million dollars with his wife and son when dying. Big Red also specifies certain conditions in the will that need to be met if they could enjoy the money.

As a little man himself, Big Red was very fond of midgets and his work as a mascot made him realise his love for mascots as well. However, the two groups never seem to get along with each other. Hence, Big Red took it upon himself to find out which group would win the coveted prize money, 5 million dollars.

Accordingly, two groups of five midgets and mascots each would compete in what can only be called as outrageous and ridiculous stunts and games. The squad which wins the maximum number of competitions would be declared the winner.

And according to Big Red’s will, the two teams will be coached by his third wife and son respectively. While his gold digging wife Bonnie (played by Brittney Powell) needs to take control of the mascot team, his son, Little Richard (played by Mark Hapka) would have to coach the midgets, whom he hates to the core.

Midgets vs. Mascots Movie Review - Midgets vs. Mascots Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

The two individuals hold auditions and choose their respective team mates. Accordingly, the mascot team members include a guy in an alligator ensemble, a cowboy sheriff, a taco, a Spartan and a bunny rabbit. And the midget team members include a gay individual (who is quite flamboyant about it too), a blonde woman, a bisexual, a kleptomaniac and a significantly reduced version of Gary Coleman.

The competitions include physical stunts like bull riding, wrestling a live alligator etc. and some really idiotic tasks like drinking a full gallon of milk faster than the others (this particular scene is pretty revolting to watch on screen) and throwing the least number of insults at a stranger in a bar in order to get punched in the face.

Just like its predecessors (Jackass and Borat), Midget Vs. Mascot relies solely on the shock factor with little or no siginificance given to the central plot, storyline or the actors. The film has its fair share of nudity and gross sequences that may not be acceptable for the normal movie goer. However, anyone and everyone who likes watching comedy films sans any particular discipline or organisation will connect with the film and its characters.

Most of the competitons have been filmed around real audiences while other specific scenes required actors. And while the film’s slapstick comedy routines are funny, you begin to lose interest as most of these sequences end up with the midgets and mascots fighting it out.

Midgets vs. Mascots Movie Review - Midgets vs. Mascots Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Essentially that would also be funny to watch. However, ‘how many times’ is the question that needs to be answered with reference to the film which shows the contenders fighting it out with each other for more than 50 times during its actual run time.

And even though the director has to be credited for daring to cross the line a bit during certain not so pleasant comedy routines (for example, use of the ‘N’word repeatedly in an actual restaurant as the other customers watch in horror). However, there seems to be no actual purpose to these obnoxious jokes which only end up sounding crude and well, very obnoxious.

The film’s cast is not essentially stellar material. In addition to this, the raunchy comedy tends to exasperate you at moments. Be forewarned that the film is filled with plenty of vulgar moments that may not suit the younger and older age groups. Watch it only if you can handle extremely gross situations.

Director: Ron Carlson

Cast: Jordan Prentice, Ron Jeremy, Jason Mewes, Scotti Pippen, Terra Jole

Rating: 2/5

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