Migraine Triggers

Migraine Triggers

Migraine Triggers - How To Prevent A Migraine Attack - Common Triggers For Migraine Headaches » Migraine TriggersPeople who suffer from the problem of migraine are well aware of the importance of preventing this attack from becoming severe and extremely uncomfortable and even unbearable. When a migraine attack occurs, all that a person suffering thinks about is the way to stop it. Result- the person ends up making his life dependent on medications. However, the best way to deal with migraine is by identifying its triggers. Migraines are usually triggered and there are various things which can trigger it- right from food to environmental conditions. While migraine triggers varies from person to person, given below are some common and popular migraine triggers.

As mentioned above, there are various kinds of migraine triggers which are different for different person. Here is a mentioning of some of them so that one can easily identify their trigger and prevent it. Starting with biological factors- hormonal changes in the body can act as triggers for a migraine attack. These include changes during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. The most commonly known migraine triggers are certain food items like aged cheese, caffeine, chocolate, nuts, processed meat and others. You need to identify your food trigger and avoid its consumption to prevent a migraine attack. Changes in weather conditions and exposure to sudden heat or cold can trigger a migraine attack. Similarly bright or glaring light and loud or sudden noises can act as migraine triggers. People with motion sickness usually get migraines attack due to traveling.

While most of us associate stress as a major migraine trigger, it has recently been found that stress in itself is not a trigger but it makes one’s mind and body weak and thus more susceptible of getting triggered by other factors. Thus, it too acts as a trigger, but in an indirect way. It is necessary for an individual to identify his migraine trigger so that he can prevent recurrent and painful migraine attacks.

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