Milk Allergies in Infants and Children

Milk Allergies in Infants and Children

Milk Allergies in Infants and Children - Milk Allergy Causes, Symptoms - How To Prevent Milk Allergy » Milk AllergyMany young children and infants throw out milk or suffer from indigestion, stomach disorders, rashes or other abnormal reaction after drinking milk. This is referred to as a milk allergy. This article will throw light on the various causes and symptoms of milk allergies.

Usually people who have milk allergies are allergic to the proteins present in milk. However, milk is essential for the development of healthy bones and thus, people suffering from milk allergies often suffer from the danger of suffering from weak bones. Such people should increase their intake of milk substitutes and usually it has been found that infants and children outgrow this problem.

Let’s now look at some causes and symptoms of milk allergy. As mentioned above, milk allergies happen when a person’s immune system considers the protein in milk as something harmful for the body and thus creates specific antibodies to combat it. This in turn leads to various problems in the body.

Milk allergies can be characterized by various symptoms like nausea, headaches, stomach disorders and others. A person suffering from milk allergy can complain of stomach cramps, diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.

Milk allergies can lead to skin irritations and infections. Small red bumps can be formed on skin and it can also lead to red and inflamed rashes.

Along with the above given symptoms, milk allergies can also lead to respiratory problems like wheezing and breathlessness. Some people can also suffer from extreme allergic reaction which leads to loss of breath and dip in blood pressure.

If you suffer from milk allergy, then you must take the required preventive steps. Avoid milk and diary products as intake of any food item that contains milk can prove dangerous for you.

Thus, understand the various causes and symptoms of milk allergy and take the necessary preventive steps to combat this problem.

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