Minor Cuts

Minor Cuts

Minor Cuts - Tips To Treat Minor Cuts - Tips to Take Care of Minor Cuts - Treating Minor Cuts | Tips on - Find TipsOur body has self healing mechanism, when minor cuts occur platelets present in blood combines to form a clot and stops bleeding. In a routine life, we came across minor cuts either in home, kitchen or at work place. Sometimes, if not taken proper care can result in tetanus or abscess formation. Here are some tips to take care of minor cuts immediately:-

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial liquid and wear gloves before touching the wound.

2) Apply pressure on the affected area and try to stop bleeding as soon as possible. Raise the affected area above the level of your heart to stop bleeding.

3) Clean the wound with savlon.

4) Apply antibiotic ointment on the wound before applying a bandage. The bandage should not be too tight that it cuts off the circulation or causes pain.

5) If the cut is from some metal object, visit doctor immediately for tetanus vaccination.

Minor cuts heals itself. Normally, a scab is formed above the wound and healing takes beneath it. After complete healing scab falls itself and new skin is formed on the affected area. Everyone experience cuts now and then. When healing starts ,it starts etching and sometimes unintentionally we scrape off the scab which is painful condition. Try not to scrape the scab to prevent infection and abscess formation.

Minor cuts never leave scars, it depends on your body healing process. In some patients cuts heal faster and in some patients it takes time. Most important thing is to keep the wound always clean and free from bacteria to ensure faster healing. Mother’s should take care that wound should always be covered when you are in kitchen or serving food. Staphylococcus bacteria is normally present on our skin, otherwise it is harmless but becomes active at abrasions, cuts, wounds and surgery sites. Though, its a minor cut but never underestimate, always take proper care of wounds.

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