Mint Value

Mint Value

Mint Value - Mint oil - Mint juice - Leaves of Mint » Medicinal Value of MintThe medicinal and nutritive worth of mint cannot be stated just in words. The well-known medicinal properties of mint have made mint to become a regular eating food now-a-days in almost every household. Mint is rich in number of vitamins especially vitamin A and iron with various other minerals that helps in proper functioning of body.

The dried and even fresh leaves of mint are used for preparing mint sauces and jellies .mint leaves also provides great and exotic flavor to food. Mint oil is utilized in preparation of various toothpastes, confectionary items and many pharmaceutical preparations.

Mint juice proves to be an excellent appetizer. Fresh mint juice mixed with lemon juice and honey helps in curing the problem of indigestion. Mint contains vitamin E which helps in preventing the wear and tear of body by energizing the blood vessels. It is also a vermifuge. Mint paste, if applied to ringworms gives beneficial effect. Drinking warm tea or milk prepared with mint leaves helps in removing abdominal pains.

Fresh lime juice applied on face in night time helps in curing pimples and preventing the skin dryness.

Mint is an effective antiseptic dentifrice, if chewed on daily basis. Gargling mint leaves decoction with salt helps in treating the problem of hoarseness. It also keeps the voice clear and sound.

The chlorophyll present in mint along with its supplementary antiseptic chemical constituents destroys the germs that causes odour. Mint leaves also keep the mouth fresh by improving the sense of taste in tongue.

Needless to mention, Chutney prepared from mint leaves is not only tempting but also very refreshing and high in nutritive content. It adds tantalizing flavor to main course dishes. The chutney is usually eaten up with snacks like samosas, aloo tikkis, bread pakoras, cutlets etc, adding to their tasting and making them lip smacking.

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