Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex

Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex

Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex - Sex Mistakes Men Make - Sex Tips For Men » Sex Mistakes Men MakeMany men, including those who’ve had vast experience dating a lot of women, make the mistake of assuming that their approach to sex and their partner’s is the same. But, there is a sea of difference between the male and female perceptions about sex, which once understood can help men avoid sex mistakes and have better sex, more often.

So, if you are keen on having a better sex life, (yeah, this means more sex, so read on guys and do it right) and also keep pleasuring your woman so she is not only ready for your suggestions about new positions, time and frequency, learn to avoid sex mistakes other men make.

Begin with dropping the idea you picked up during your adolescent years: sex is not a race!

Instead, concentrate on exploring her and focussing on her body parts as well as emotional needs to have her where you want her: desiring you more! Try this easy mental sex game before you initiate penetration: imagine a no-entry circle two inches outside her vagina and do not go anywhere inside it till you’ve finished licking, caressing and kissing the areas around it. This delayed exploration of her most private area will be erotic and fill her with more excitement, putting her nerves on fire and ensuring you have red-hot sex when you both climax.

The reason for this is given by Gloria Brame, Ph.D., who says, “it is important not to cross the line between before you have made a full discovery of her red zone: otherwise if your only goal is to let off, sex isn’t sexy with that.” She has also authored a book titled, ‘Different Loving,’ where she explains the nuances of what makes sex irresistible for women and we bring you more tips from it.

Break new frontiers in locations for sex: go for the garage, get college-student groovy in the backseat of your car and boost your testosterone too with a quickie in a cubicle. It’ll keep you connected and versatile sex locations gives both persons a high that gets you more sex than ever before, so try these out today!

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