Mobile Phones India

Mobile Phones India

Mobile Phones India - Mobile Market - Marketing Strategy | Business BlogThe mobile phone market in India is undergoing a revolution. About 8 to 10 million subscribers are being added to the customer base each month. The time when Nokia, Samsung and Motorola ruled the market has gone, now they are finding it hard to compete in the continuously growing market. And on the other hand the new entrants like Fly, Intex, Spice, Lemon, Micromax, Onida, Videocon etc are eating up the share of the market at a quick pace reporting robust sales.

New entrants eating the market share

What drove the sudden increase in competition in the mobile arena in India? One basic reason is the increase in the reach of the service providers covering every nook and corner of the country. As more players enter the mobile service sector, packed with multiple attractive offers, the affordability of a mobile has increased considerably. The tele-density in rural areas in India is very low at around 12%. Studies show that the expected density by 2012 would be around 60%. Foreseeing this immense opportunity hidden in the market, many players big and small are stepping into the business. The biggest challenge for the new entrants is in building up a brand name. The market winning strategy is to offer the latest technologies at a comparatively lower price. The general behavior of Indian consumers show that, they prefer a less known brand to a big player provided they carry the latest technology at a lower price. The current trend is the demand for dual sim phones, the basic reason being the presence of multiple service providers in a region. Today, subscribing to a mobile service is no more a head ache with many providers offering even free promotional sim cards.

High end segment

In the high end segment, the competition is not that tough. The existing rulers continue with their market share. The penetration in the smart phone segment in India is still low, Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry leading the others. BlackBerry has stormed the Indian Smartphone market through their marketing strategies that push the corporate to go for their product. With the launch of 3G in India, many global players are planning to handpick high end phones from their portfolio and launch them in India.

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