Mocktails Recipes

Mocktails Recipes

Majority of times males or females drink concentrated or synthetic energy dinks after work out or gym exercise. But with some fruits mock tails one can gain the energy and have the taste of natural fresh fruits.

Sour Tamarind mock tail: 100 gram seedless tamarind, half table spoon of ginger paste, three table spoon of honey, half table spoon of black salt, half table spoon of roasted cumin seeds, half table spoon of dried mint leaves and one liter water.

In two cups of water boil the tamarind and after one boil add the honey and prepare the pulp. Now place the one liter water on low flame and add the tamarind pulp, ginger paste and black salt.

After one boil place the work in refrigerator for cooling and before serving add the roasted cumin seeds and garnish with dried mint leaves. This mock tail is very effective in summers since it fights the heat and sun stroke problems very well.

Red berries and grapes mock tail: 750 grams of red berries, 250 grams of grapes, six or seven green cinnamon buds, 20 gram of citric amyl, half table spoon of sodium benzoate, half cup of honey, black salt as per taste and half tea spoon of all spice.

First prepare the pulp of red berries and grapes and boil on low flame for five minutes. Now add the one cup of water and honey in hot pulp and steer till all get mixed well.

Before pouring into glass strain the pulp well and then add the green cinnamon seeds, citric amyl, sodium benzoate, black salt and blend well. Since we have added the sodium benzoate one can store the drink for four or five month in refrigerator and after exercise drink cool mock tail by adding the ice.

Juicy drink: one cup of orange juice, one cup of peach pulp, half cup of crushed ice, one fourth spoon of black salt, half table spoon of all spice and one table spoon of honey or two sugar free tablets.

First mix the peach pulp and the crushed ice in blender. Now add the black salt, all spice and honey in orange juice. Finally mix both the peach pulp and orange juice in big glass and serve right after workout.

Mocktails Recipes

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