Mojave Desert Travel Tips

Mojave Desert Travel Tips

Mojave Desert Travel Tips - Mojave Desert Travel - Mojave Desert Attractions - Mojave Desert | Tips on - Find TipsMojave Desert stretches from the north of Los Angeles County to the Mojave National Preserve. This sparsely populated region is on the itinerary of few travelers visiting California. Although, lots of tourists come to Las Vegas and the Death Valley on the edge of Mojave Desert, but few venture into the interior of the harsh land. But if you love the mysticism of desert landscape, you should visit this wonderful place.

Best time to visit

The best time to come here is during early spring or late autumn. The moderate temperature and dry season makes the terrain hospitable to visitors. Mojave receives most of its rainfall in February. Flash floods are common during this time. Like in any desert region, summers are extremely harsh. Whenever you visit the desert, remember to drink lots of water. Also adequately cover your body and wear sunglasses to prevent the sun’s rays from dazzling your eyes.

Mojave Desert Attractions

The Mojave National Preserve is comparatively a new attraction of California. Created in 1994, it occupies 1.5million acres of land. The Park is dotted with sand dunes, rock formations and Joshua trees. After dusk coyote, desert tortoise and bighorn sheep move around the park.

Barstow is a sleepy town between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It is the place to rest before embarking your journey deeper into Mojave Desert. The Calico Ghost Town is a theme park, which has preserved the buildings and history of this prosperous 19th century mining settlement.

The coves and beaches of Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is the nesting ground of several aquatic bird species, including herons and egrets. Boat rentals are available for touring the park.

Among the attractions of Mojave, Death Valley is the most favorite tourist destination. The desert landscape, punctuated with natural rock sculptures makes Death Valley National Park, a stunning attraction on the desert. From the Dante’s View, located in the Black Mountains, you can get a panoramic view of the desert. From this point, you can see Badwater, located 282 feet below sea level, and over 14,000 feet high Mt Whitney.

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