Monsters (2010) Hollywood Movie Review

Monsters (2010) Hollywood Movie Review

Monsters (2010) Hollywood Movie Review - Latest Hollywood Movie ReviewIf you think ‘Monsters (2010)‘ is all about flesh eating monsters and invading aliens, then you are seriously mistaken. For the movie is not your normal sci fi thriller which has aliens invaing the earth and abducting humans for experiments.

It is also not about hidden monsters that feed on humans in the dark.

‘Monsters’ is a tale of two individuals who develop mutual feelings for each other on a road journey through an alien invaded country. Unlike all other alien invasion movies, the director of ‘Monsters’, Gareth Edwards has focused on the post invasion world and the movie is all about the relationship that blooms between two estranged individuals as they traverse through an infected zone in Mexico to reach the US border.

Andrew (played by Scott McNairy) is a budding photographer who works for a publication in Mexico that is run by Samantha’s (played by Whitney Able) father, a typical media mogul. While the photographer wants to make it big in the field, Samantha wants to return home, get married and settle down to a peaceful life.

Andrew is given the responsibility of escorting Samantha to the coast and making sure she gets on board the ferry that would take her to the United States. A simple task goes haywire when the couple end up missing the last ferry that would take Sam to the US. The only way they can now reach the border is by passing through the ‘Infected Zone’ which lies right in between Mexico and United States.

The zone is named so because it supposedly contains new life forms, apparently aliens that crashlanded into the earth six years ago when a NASA probe (containing samples of alien life forms) went haywire and crashed over Central America upon re-entry.

Monsters (2010) Hollywood Movie Review - Latest Hollywood Movie Review

Half of Mexico is quarantined off and is placed behind massive fences. Military jets continuously bomb the area to keep the creatures at bay while normal life continues outside the area. The creatures themselves come out only in the night and there is a curfew that instills fear in the minds of those who live near the confined area.

Andrew is forced to accompany Samantha through the infected zone to reach the US border. He buys passage into the dreaded land and the two of them are escorted by several individuals as they try to cross the forbidden terrain.

As they make their way through the zone, they need to face the imposing threats of imaginary monsters and mysterious alien creatures (which by the way never seem to come out into the open). And these experiences make the two protagonists come closer to each other.

The perfect depiction of a post invasion world and the detail given to individual scenes and locations need to be applauded and are remarkably natural, giving the impression that the film would be a big budget sci-fi spectacular, which in reality it is not!

Monsters (2010) Hollywood Movie Review - Latest Hollywood Movie Review

Although the impending threat of monsters and aliens is overwhelming, they act only as mere interruptions in the background at places and could well have been designated as minor cast members.

The entire story revolves around the journey made by Andrew and Samantha in alien territory and as the film progresses, one gets the feeling that the movie resembles a documentary of a slightly out of the ordinary road trip rather than a regular monster flick.

Some scenes are commendable and act as silver patches in an otherwise dark and dull cloud. The scene where the monsters finally decide to come out of hiding and attack the group is watchable. And the scenes that depict the spoils and casualties of war are really touching.

However, these alone cannot help the film reach out to the larger part of the audience and it remains to be seen if this ‘not so normal’ alien invasion movie manages to fare well at the box office.

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