Mood Lighting Basics

Mood Lighting Basics

Mood Lighting Basics - Modern Home Lighting Options - Lighting Options For Your Home | Tips on - Find TipsThe modern trend for lighting in the home decoration is Mood Lighting. Most moviemakers and cameramen have found that lighting can affect the mood and look of the room and hence they use this lighting trick in all their movies. For a long time, common people were unaware of this, but are now they have started paying attention to it.

Bright lighting is required for easy reading, sewing and also in operation theatres. Fluorescent lights are bright and they serve this purpose well. These lights also give a clinical feel to the room. On the other hand you could use dim romantic lights for warm and cozy bedrooms. However, bathrooms have to be provided with bright light to help shaving etc.

The living room has to be equipped with different levels of lighting so that it can either be used during a Christmas party or your kid’s birthday and other occasions where you require bright lights. For an evening when you want to relax on a couch and watch TV after a hard day of work you would prefer tastefully dim atmosphere.

Mood lighting options

If you visit a retail lighting store you will find that there are umpteen options available for lighting in your home. There are floor lamps, table lamps, canister lamps, and recessed ceiling lamps that are available. Natural sunlight is a very good form of light source and this can be optimized and guided inside the home using mirrors. There are many options available for the bulbs.

There are fluorescent bulbs that emit blue light, soft incandescent bulbs that emit red and yellow light and bright yet soft quartz-halogen bulbs. You will find that these bulbs emit not only different colored lights but also emit different quantity of light. You can install different sets of bulbs having different wattages. Switching one set of bulbs gives the room a certain look, and the other makes the room appear quite different.

You may also install certain overhead fixtures that might make the room appear flat. Items such as wall washers, ambient lighting and accent lighting and up-lighting also can be used to either add drama to the room or give it a soft romantic feel to the room.

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