Mortadella Origin, Usage & Global Popularity

Mortadella Origin, Usage & Global Popularity

Mortadella Origin, Usage & Global PopularityMortadella is basically a large Italian sausage shaped like a bologna. True mortadella is made of pork meat which is hashed or ground and mashed into paste. The mortadella is said to have gotten its name from the roman word ‘mortar’. A mortar was a device commonly used to crush meats, it was specially used to ground the pork filling to paste.

It’s also believed that the mortadella might have gotten its name from a Roman sausage which was flavored with myrtle instead of the usual pepper. A mortadella is often stuffed with pork fat which is taken from the throat of the pig.

Mortadella Origin

The mortadella originated in Bologna which it also resembles in shape. Bologna was the capital of Emilia –Romagana (Nothern Italy). It was produced in other parts of Italy as well but their styles of production were somewhat different and were distinct In their own local style. Some of the other famous mortadellas include The mortadella of Prato and The mortadella of Amatrice. Mortadello of Prato uses flavor of pounded garlic whereas mortadella of Amatrice is lightly smoked. The reason the American meat is referred to as Bologna is the fact that it originated in this place. Mortadella is till date produced most frequently in Bologna itself. Italy consumes more than 160,000 tons of mortadella each year.

Mortadella Usage

Even though a traditional mortadella comes as a loaf, it is usually consumed after being cut into slices.It can be consumed directly as well as used for preparation of other dishes or sandwiches. In America, the slices are preferred to be thick whereas in Italy, the pieces are very thinly sliced. Mortadello is a very popular sandwich ingredient all over the world especially in Italy. It is most preferred in a panini along with provolone cheese.After Italy, the largest consumers of mortadella is the rest of Europe.

Mortadella is referred to as polony in the United Kingdom. Mortadella has also gained popularity in the United States with a rise in demand for the Italian submarine sandwiches in which it is one of the most popular ingredients along with Genoa salami, ham and provolone cheese. Although slices of mortadella are fried in some sandwiches in the United Stateds the Italians argue that it is not to be fried and is best eaten as it is with bread for best taste.

Mortadella Global Popularity

It is especially popular in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay largely due to settlement of the Italian immigrants in these countries. However, instead of mortadella these countries spell it as ‘mortadela’. The recipe, however, is pretty much similar to the traditional Italian recipe with a minute addition of pepper grains.

In Russia, a product similar to the mortadella called ‘doctor’s sausage’ is very popular. Unlike the mortadella it does not use the myrtle as the primary spice. Instead it is flavored using nutmeg and coriander. Even though mortadella is referred to by different names throughout the world it is a popular product all over the world.

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