Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Different Types Of Cosmetic SurgeryCosmetic surgery is a process through which various body parts are reshaped. Millions of people across the globe undergo different types of cosmetic surgeries every year for having desired looks. In past fifteen years, cosmetic surgery has become very popular, as more and more numbers of celebrities and affluent people resorting to plastic surgery.

It is very common now a day to get eyebrow, breast etc reshaped for having greater looks. Experts believe that one of major reasons for popularity of various cosmetic surgeries procedures is their acceptance by the people as effective cosmetic treatments. Also, open discussions by celebrities regarding cosmetic surgery they have undergone has also prompted many people to get their body reshaped.

Another reason for the popularity of cosmetic surgery is the belief of people that enhanced looks boost confidence and thus, they would achieve more in their lives. Even cosmetic surgeons have now started advertising the procedures in which they are adept.

There has also been a shift in the thinking of people, as they now do not get embarrassed when they talk about cosmetic surgery they have undergone. It is to be understood that cosmetic surgery is one of expensive surgical methods and thus, not all the people can afford it.

Some Popular Cosmetic Surgical Process

Though there are many types of cosmetic surgical processes available, some of them have become very popular, as these are tried by large numbers of people. All popular cosmetic surgeries can be divided into face surgeries, body surgeries and breast surgeries.

Face is considered as most important part of human body, as far as physical attraction is concerned. Thus, people like to have an attractive face at all costs.

Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons are approached by men as well as women for improving their facial appearance. Surgical as well as non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments are offered by cosmetic surgeons to their patients for having enhanced looks. Some of popular facial surgical processes include eyelid surgery, brow lift surgery and neck lift surgery.

Chin surgery is also done very regularly for improving looks of patients. Similarly, full face lift surgery is also popular, which is mostly undergone by celebrities. Among non-surgical process are chemical peels, botox injections, etc.

Eyebrow lift surgery is also called as forehead lift surgery and this is done for minimizing the creases that usually develop across forehead. Creases that occur high on nose are also treated through this type of surgery. Low or sagging eyebrows are also treated effectively. Another popular facial cosmetic surgery is chin surgery.

It is also called as ‘mentoplasty’ and is done for reshaping the chin. Reshaping is done by reducing the bone through surgery or by enhancing the bone with an implant, as the case may be. Very often, chin surgery is recommended by plastic surgeons along with nose surgery to have really great looks.

As far as body cosmetic surgery is concerned, there are many types of surgical procedures available. For example, tummy tuck surgery, body contouring, body lift etc are some of most popular cosmetic processes for body. Every year, thousands of people reshape their bodies through liposuction, lower body lift and tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck surgery is also called as abdominoplasty and is an enhanced body contouring process. Its recovery time is also long. In certain patients, it is considered as only process for having a perfectly shaped abdomen. For example, after pregnancy, stress marks and excessive tissues can be removed through abdominoplasty only. Similarly, folds of skin at the abdominal region can be effectively treated through this type of cosmetic surgical process only.

Very often, people loose considerable weight for looking more attractive. For having a perfectly shaped body after weight loss, body contouring is considered as necessary. Through this type of cosmetic surgery, tone and shape of underlying tissues is improved, as sagging skin and fat are removed from the body.

Another cosmetic surgical process for improving the tone and shape of body is body lift. This process is considered as very effective in removal of excessive skin and fat. If a person has ugly looks due to poor tissue elasticity, this method can prove very useful.

However, before resorting to body lift surgery, a person must consider pros and cons, as there are some risks associated with this type of surgery. Some of risks associated with body lift include fluid accumulation, bleeding, poor wound healing, scarring, blood clots, skin loss, numbness, skin discoloration, asymmetry, pain, swelling in legs etc.

Breast cosmetic surgery is among them most popular surgical process. Two major types of breast cosmetic surgeries are breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. Breast augmentation is recommended to those women who have very small breasts and thus, are not attractive. Breast augmentation is considered as one of most effective methods for a woman to feel more curvaceous, feminine and attractive. Sexual appeal can be greatly enhanced through this type of cosmetic surgical process.

Similarly, breast lift surgery is another common cosmetic surgical process. It is also called as boob lift surgery and is done for raising and firming the breasts. This is achieved by removal of excessive skin on the breasts and by tightening of tissues surrounding the breasts. Reshaped and contoured breasts look very attractive. This type of surgery is common as breast loose their shape and firmness with age. Some other reasons due to which breasts become unattractive include breastfeeding, pregnancy, gravity, fluctuations in weight and heredity.

It is also found in many women that size of areola gets enlarged over a period of time. Breast lift surgery is effective in reducing size of areola also. However, there are certain things that a breast lift surgery cannot do. For example, size of breasts cannot be altered considerably through this type of surgery. Similarly, rounding out of upper part of breast may not occur perfectly. This is the reason why breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries are mostly carried out simultaneously.

Breast reconstruction is also a popular cosmetic surgical process in which normal shape, look and size of breast is restored. However, a woman may not feel same sensation at breast as she used to feel before surgery.

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