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Motivate Children - Guide Child - Discipline Kids - Reward Children » Disciplining the KidsOne among the tough jobs of being a guardian is to instruct your kids to follow the rules strictly that you have set, for instance, picking up their playthings after they complete playing with them.

While some children easily act according to their parents’ instructions, the others do not. Try to act sensitively to their response to your instructions. It is challenging enough for you as a guardian, to know the ways to make your kids pick up their playthings after they finish playing with them.

Following are certain important methods, which you can follow to make your kid pick up his/her playthings:

• Allot the appropriate place to keep toys

Prior to instructing your kids to pick up their playthings after using them, ensure that you have assigned a proper place to store the toys. This will help them to remember where they have kept their toys. Moreover, the toys will remain in good condition for a longtime, if kept in a particular place assigned by you.

• Show them the way to perform it

Most of the kids exhibit the tendency to follow the elders around them. Use this scope to teach your child the method to pick up playthings after use. Teach them that you are picking up the playthings one by one and keeping them in a cabinet or box.

• Appreciate them all the times after they perform it

Most of the children prefer to get praises and appreciations from elders. They also enjoy getting rewards. Always know that, rewards can motivate children to perform something. So, encourage your kids to pick up playthings after they use them and appreciate them for performing it.

• Convey your kids the bad effects of cluttered playthings

Most of the kids show protectiveness about their belongings. If you tell your kid that improper placement of the playthings can destroy them, then he/she undoubtedly will follow what you say, regarding picking up playthings after use.

• Turn the cleaning up of the playthings enjoyable to your kids

You, along with your kid, pick up different toys in cluster. Guide your child to sing nursery rhymes while he/she is picking up the playthings. Convey him/her that the one who picks the maximum number of toys in minimum time gets a reward.

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