Motivation for Losing Weight

Motivation for Losing Weight

Motivation for Losing Weight - Motivation to Lose Weight - Weight Loss Tips | Tips on - Find TipsThe mind prompts one to act. The mind should have enough reasons to prompt you to take an action. Losing weight becomes a hard task for most people because they are not motivated enough.

Although all of us want to look trim and fit, not many convert their feelings into an actual goal. It is important to first translate the general desire to lose weight into a goal. This can be done by asking your self repeatedly the question, why you want to lose weight. As the answers build up you will have a clear goal to work with.

Write down your goal to lose weight on a piece of paper. Also, jot down the reasons for losing weight. Which reasons really stir your emotions? Some people might like pleasurable motivation like looking good in a certain dress. Others are motivated by avoiding pain in their lives; like thinking about the diseases connected with obesity. Concentrate on these points.

Let yourself imagine the pleasurable moments you might have had if you lost that weight. Visualize in vivid color how great you would look in your favorite suit or dress, when you loose weight. Whenever you feel indolence and lack of motivation, draw on the energy of this desire you have created with this mental picture.

Fear too is a strong emotion. Picture the state you might be in if you do not loose weight. The diseases and frustration of carrying a fat body around! This will put the fear in you and motivation to do all the things for losing weight will not be far behind. Many people tend to hide from the truth, that they are fat. A little loss of weight and they try to feel that they have achieved their goal. Such people should learn to face the truth, however hard it may seem.

Motivation to lose weight will definitely come with these practices and a positive attitude.

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