Motorola Delays Launch Of Droid Bionic For Verizon

Motorola Delays Launch Of Droid Bionic For Verizon

Motorola, the leading electronics giant, lately said that it has pushed back the launch date of its most admired, Motorola Droid Bionic. Through some trustworthy sources, the chief giant of the phone arena has said that the successor of Atrix will now be brought to selves in the month of May, 2011 or Q2 of 2011.

It will, initially, be made available in the major stores of United States through 4G LTE network of Verizon, and from June 21, 2011, it’ll be officially delivered.

The new Motorola Droid Bionic was earlier being rumored to be made available from Q1 of 2011, but since some novel twists have begun to show their heads in the story, it’s now being expected to thwack the market from May, 2011 via Verizon Wireless network.

Motorola Delays Launch Of Droid Bionic For Verizon - Motorola Droid Bionic Smartphone Delayed Until The Summer?


According to a few trustworthy insiders in the company, the main cause behind the push back of this smartphone is customers’ pessimistic feedback, which has been obtained by conducting a survey. And now following customers’ feedback, the company states that it would include brand-new feats in this smartphone in order that it may satiate its potential customers’ expectations

An enterprise of Vodafone Group Plc & Verizon Communications Inc, Verizon Wireless is critically associated with Motorola smartphone and has been pushing ahead the sales of Motorola mobiles via its advanced and avant-garde network services. At present, Verizon leads in this market and offers phones at a large scale. Some of the examples of its market include LG Revolution, Samsung Droid Charge, HTC ThunderBolt and etc.

Tipsters say that the Motorola Droid Bionic offers a lot of outstanding feats & specs to its users. On the features front, it comes built-in with a HD touchscreen display of 4.3-inches that provides amazing quality of pictures through its resolutions & screen colors. The cell phone also proffers console quality graphics. Besides, the latest smartphone has also been included with a high-performance dual core processor of 1GHz clock speed. The en suite processor not just enhances the speed of phone, but it also allows for speedy functionality of all the embedded feats and specs.

Motorola Delays Launch Of Droid Bionic For Verizon - Motorola Droid Bionic Smartphone Delayed Until The Summer?


On the memory front, the latest smartphone boasts of having a RAM of 512MB, but there is no word about its stretchable memory and microSD card slot. Moreover, if you want to snap up all the beautiful emotions & expressions, the phone comes built-in with a snapper of 8mp that proffers brilliant quality of images and videos via its resolution & accessorial supports such as a digital zoom & video capture. The phone has also been integrated with a secondary camera that allows users to enjoy a trouble-free video-calling.

Well, it’s not first time when a lunch programme of any product has been pushed back or delayed. Earlier also, there have been a lot of products and devices that were initially put to selves and later when the customers got very excited to lay their mitts on them, they’re either pushed back or delayed due to unforeseen reasons. However, it does not mean that they will be fully immune of the rampant competition as there is always a new product to beat the heat of its rival. So, let’s just wait and watch!


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