Mount Abu

Mount Abu

Mount Abu - Resorts in Rajasthan - Resorts in Mount Abu - Attractions in Mount Abu | Tips on - Find TipsMount Abu is a desert hill resort in Rajathan. It was first occupied by the Rajputs and later by the British. Mount Abu now boasts many mansions, bungalows and holiday resorts. It sits high on the peak of the Aravalli Range and is surrounded by natural water formations such as lakes and waterfalls. Mount Abu is known to its occupants as the “Oasis of the Desert.” The location is also a holy mecca filled with shrines. Over the years it has become a tourist destination.

Mount Abu has many attractions for Indian and international travellers. It is a very religious place for Jain pilgrims as they come to see and worship in the Dilwara temples. The Dilwara temples were built between the 11th and 13th centuries and are made out of marble. They are carved with elaborate ceilings, pillars and panels.

Gaumukh temple is another destination point in Mount Abu. This is said to be the location where Sage Vashishtha performed his yagna. Near Gaumukh temple is a natural spring that flows through a carving of a cow, or gau. Hence the name for the temple. The temple is set in the sculpted hill Arbuada temple. The image of Nandi stands near the temple carved out of marble.

Nakki Lake in Mount Abu provides a peaceful, tranquil resting spot. Its bright blue water and serene atmosphere are conducive to leisurely activities such as boating or picnicking. Another serene location to visit is Sunset Point. This lookout point stretches over lush vegetation and offers a beautiful sunset view. Mount Abu is home to many natural parks perfect for afternoon picnics or evening strolls. Some of the most famous parks are Shaitan Singh Park, Ashok Vatika and Gandhi Park.

The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Aravalli Mountains. This area became a wildlife sanctuary in 1960. The sanctuary houses many endangered species as well as a rich floral display.

Mount Abu is filled with history. Come explore the evolution of this desert oasis at the Raj Bhawan which houses the Museum and Art Gallery. There you will find antiques, ancient paintings and tribal relics. The figures of Devdasis and Nartakis are also housed here.

For travelers interested in spending time in the Mount Abu region, the location offers an adequate amount of lodging facilities. There are hotels for every price range and amenity. For tourists that are on a budget, you can stay at any of the lower priced hotels such as the Hotel Maganji or the Hotel Yorkshire Inn. Mount Abu offers more luxurious hotels such as the Hotel Maharaja and the Hotel Samrat International.

Mount Abu is easily accessible by air, rail and road.

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