Mouth Watering Kheer Recipes

Mouth Watering Kheer Recipes

Mouth Watering Kheer Recipes - Cabbage Kheer Recipe - Sooji Kheer Recipe - Seviyaan kheer Recipe - Kheer Mohan Recipe » Mouth-watering kheer recipes for everyoneCabbage kheer

2 kg cabbage, 200 gm sugar, 500 gm cabbage, kesar, cardamom powder and chopped assorted dry frits

Chop the cabbage into small fine pieces.
Pour milk in a boiler and bring it to a boil.
When milk reduces to ¾ Th of its quantity, add the above chopped cabbage to it.
When milk starts getting thick, add sugar, kesar and chopped assorted dry frits.
Again bring it to a boil.
Cool it down and then add kevara or rose water.

Sooji kheer

2 kg milk, 5 gm ghee, dry fruits and raisins, 6-8 cardamom, 400 gm sooji, 500 gm sugar, kesar

Sauté sooji in pan using ghee.
Add milk to pan and bring it to boil. Boil it for half an hour.
Add roasted sooji to milk. Keep stirring.
When milk turns thick, add chopped dry fruits and raisins. Add cardamom pieces and kesar. Mix well.
Keep the kheer in refrigerator to cool down.
Serve chilled.

Seviyaan kheer

100 gm seviyaan, 100 gm sugar, 50 gm cashew nuts, 1 tsp raisins, 50 gm milk, tsp ghee, 1 tsp cardamom powder, some kesar

Heat ghee in pan. When ghee gets hot, sauté seviyaan in them.
Add milk to it and cook till seviyaan gets soft.
When milk turns thick in consistency, add sugar and cook.
Add grated cashew nuts and cardamom powder.
Mix kesar in some milk and add that too.

Kheer Mohan

500 gm khoya, 50 gm ghee, 150 gm Maida, 50 gm sugar

Add ghee and khoya in Maida.
Blend all the 3 ingredients well and then divide it into 7 equal 100 gm parts.
Prepare small chapattis like rounds. And fry them in oil in pan. Drop these fried chapattis in chaashni.
Let them stay in chaashni the whole night.
Next day, serve them.

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