Mouth Watering Sandesh Recipes

Mouth Watering Sandesh Recipes

Mouth Watering Sandesh Recipes - Aam Sandesh Recipe - Chitranjan Sandesh Recipe » Mouth watering sandesh recipes for you allHey people, here are some tasty sandesh recipies for you all- have a look!

Aam sandesh

1 kg paneer, 360 gm sugar, 1 cup aam ras

Crush and mash the paneer with your hands. Add sugar to it.
Now sauté the above mixture in heated pan on flame.
Make sure the while sugar gets properly dissolved in paneer.
Take out the pan from flame and add aam ras to it. Mix well.
Make sure the sandesh is in thick consistency.
Now pout it into wooden moulds and refrigerate them.
Serve chilled.

Chitranjan sandesh

1 kg paneer, 500 gm khoya, 50 gm pista, kevra, chandi vark, 50 gm sugar, 50 gm badam, 2 kesar pieces, essence

Sauté khoya in pan till it color changes to brown. Add chopped dry fruits to it. Add kevra.
Sauté paneer and sugar in another pan. Cook it till it turns to brownish color. Add essence and then make small round balls from this mixture.
Alos prepare small balls of khoya mixture and place small rounds balls of paneer mixture in it.
Flat them.
Place all of them in plate and garnish with chandi vark.

1 ½ kg milk, 3 tsp lemon juice, 50 gm pista, 250 gm sugar, 25 gm cardamom powder

Heat milk in a pan.
When milk start to boil, add lemon juice to it. Bring 3-4 boils and took it off from flame.
Pour this mixture in muslin cloth and tie it, so that the water gets drained away.
Place this mixture in a bowl and add sugar to it. Mix well.
Sauté them in a heated pan on flame. Keep it thick.
Took it off from flame.
Pour this mixture in sandesh moulds and sprinkle chopped dry fruits and cardamom on top.

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