Mouthwatering Murabba Recipes

Mouthwatering Murabba Recipes

Mouthwatering Murabba Recipes - Ginger Murabba Recipe - Amla Murabba Recipe - Khubani Murabba Recipe » Mouth-watering murabbaHey people, here are some sumptuous murabba recipes for you all! Just read their recipes and try them in your kitchen cabinets.

Ginger murabba

½ kg ginger, 1 ½ kg sugar, 1 ½ lemon, 3 cardamom, pinch of jeer, ter s required

Peel off the ginger and then make small holes over it with the help of knife and keep it in the boiling ter in a pan.

After 3 boils, take off the pan from flame.

Prepare 1 taar sugar syrup and add ginger to it.

Add lemon juice to the same mixture.

Now cook the mixture again on the low flame till the whole ginger gets nicely dissolved in the mixture.

Fill the mixture in the clean bottles.

Ginger murabba is ready to savor.

Amla murabba

1 kg amla, 1 ½ -2 kg sugar, 35 gm chuna, water as required


Wash the amla and then make small holes on it all over with the help of knife.

Pour these amla in water and let them soak in it for a whole day.

Next day, wash the amla and boil them in clean water.

After 15-20 minutes, take out all the amla in plate and add half sugar to it.

Keep this mixture as it is for a day and then next day, prepare sugar syrup from the rest of sugar and add the same mixture in it.

Cook it well on the flame.

When everything mixes well, take it off the flame and keep aside to cool down.

Fill in the container and savor it whenever you like.

Khubani murabba

2 kg khubani, 5 kg sugar

Make sugar syrup and de-seed the khubani

Add khubani to the sugar syrup and cook for 20 minutes. Stir continuously.

After it cools down, fill it into the container. Khubani murabba is ready.

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