Muscle And Sex

Muscle And Sex

Muscle And Sex - Muscle building for sex - Muscle buliding facts - Muscle building ideas » More Muscle And More SexMuscles have always been known to attract the fairer sex. Men have reasons to build their physique for many reasons one of these is reasons is to attract women for obvious reasons a by-benefit of building for these guys is the raised libido and stamina factors that give an added advantage when it comes to performing in bed, something many women secretly want and look for and the remaining want and look for very freely!

The fact of the matter is that men have a certain hormone in their system called ‘Testosterone’ this is a accepted as the male hormone and attributed to all that is masculine However, the science of biology will have us know that this hormone is also present in women albeit in very small quantities. This hormone not only contributes to the massive muscle building ability of men (the lack of which prevents women from building muscle) it also contributes to the levels of libido in men – the more the better (if a sexual partner is something a guy is not deficient in, now that could be a problem)

So back to the topic of building muscle for more sex. Men are known to take muscle building supplements to build their bodies to attract women; some also do so for the mere feeling of fitness and winning body building competitions. However, these supplements are known to have their main ingredient to be testosterone. Now, don’t get me wrong this testosterone comes from the bull not other men and works wonders when it comes to building muscle. It does have it’s drawbacks but many men are willing to risk it just to see the glow in the feminine eyes that fall on the results of their hard work.

You will be surprised to know how much muscle building increases the libido of guys. You will also be very surprised at the prospects of attracting many ladies out there – something a few guys I know will give their right hand to do! So, get down working on building those biceps and guts the results will be well worth your while!

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