Muscle Foods

Muscle Foods

Muscle Foods - Muscle building high protein foods - Bodybuilding food - Foods to maximize your muscle power » Worlds Best Muscle FoodsWorld’s best muscles foods are those which have high protein contents. Today there are several better-tasting ways available in order to boost your intakes of proteins. These foods are perfect to include in your breakfast, lunch as well as in snacks that you usually take between meals. To include proteins in these meals is very necessary because at the time of such meals you really require proteins in order to get some energy.

As per some studies most of the men consume approx 2/3 of proteins till 6.p.m. through the daily diet. It is also revealed in various researches that 8 to 12 gm of amino acids known as leucine is required throughout a day in order to feed body muscles properly. The required protein for your body muscles can easily be obtained from some sources like eggs, milk, meat, cheese, pulses, etc. So, if you are aware of your health, then take protein rich diet daily.

Some world’s best muscles foods recipes that are very rich in proteins are as follows:

Whey and Oatmeal:

Rolled oats – 1 cup
Low-fat milk – 1 cup
Berries (as per you choice either frozen or fresh) – ½ cup
Dash of ground-cinnamon and salt
Splenda just to taste
Whey-protein powder (vanilla) – 1 scoop (23 g)

Combine milk and oats in large bowl. Put them in microwave for a minute, stir and again microwave for extra minute. Mix in Splenda, berries, cinnamon and salt. Let oatmeal cool to some extent, stir protein powder. (If you add protein powder in extremely hot oatmeal, then it would damage proteins and cause lumps)

From above recipe you can make one serving. And per serving of the above recipe provide protein (4.5 g leucine) – 45 grams, fat 7 g, carbohydrate – 7 g, calories – 580, and fiber 14 g.

French toast together with whipped fruits topping:

Cottage cheese (low-fat) – 1 ½ cup
Splenda just to taste
Blueberries – 1 cup
Ground-cinnamon – 1 tablespoon
Vanilla extract – ½ tablespoon
Whole-grain bread – 6 slices

Make whipped topping first. So, in order to make topping take cottage cheese, Splenda, Blueberries ½ cup in a container and blend them till this mixture become creamy and smooth. Then take large bowl and add milk eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon together. Soak a slice of bread in this liquid, grill it at medium-high heat on nonstick skillet layered by cooking-spray till bread become light brown from both the sides. Serve the toast with topping you made before and garnish with rest of the blueberries.

Above recipe is for 2 serving. And it contains protein – 46 g, calories – 565, carbohydrate – 66 g, fat 13 g fiber 9 g in per serving.

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