Myths And Facts About Pregnancy

Myths And Facts About Pregnancy

Myths And Facts About Pregnancy - Information About Pregnancy » Separating Pregnancy Myths And FactsPregnancy is always particularly hard on first time mothers who have no first-hand experience on the subject and try to piece together an explanation for their bodily changes and mood swings from accounts of other women, doctor’s advice and the plethora of pregnancy books flooding the market.

However, let me tell you a fact, and that is much of what you will be told will be bunk, for the simple reason that it may not or will not hold true in your case. However, there are certain established myths that have been given the respect and attention of facts, that you need to educate yourself against, as these have been scientifically negated for one or the other reason.

Here is a list of the most common pregnancy myths passed down over the ages, and the reasons as to why they do not pass scientific muster.

Eat for two

This is perhaps the most common myth, since many times it is perpetuated even by old fashioned doctors. But latest research has shown that although you have a life growing inside of you that needs to be constantly nourished, you simply don’t need to eat for two, as all the weight you gain, far from being useful will prove to be a deterrent both during and after pregnancy. Plus, the baby’s needs are limited and can easily be fulfilled without stuffing yourself.

The fact here is that as the baby grows, so does the sac enveloping him, till it takes over the whole stomach and starts to touch our ribcage, by the end of nine months. Now since our stomach, that is actually the site of all digestion, hardly has any space to perform its normal functions, its starts to malfunction the moment you eat more than it can digest.

And it is this that leads to acute stomach pain, gas, indigestion, lethargy and even loose motions, things you basically don’t need to put yourself through at this point. So ensure you eat small frequent healthy meals, and baby’s growth will happen on its own.

Morning sickness necessary

When I was carrying, I was told by numerous well-wishers that morning sickness is an important marker of a healthy pregnancy and hence must be endured. However, I managed to last nine months without throwing up even once. And just in case you are wondering, yes I carried my baby for a full term, had him naturally and he was born healthy and cute as a pup.

Science believes that morning sickness is a simple body reaction to hormone fluctuations that are triggered by pregnancy. While these fluctuations occur throughout the day, we don’t feel them for the simple reason that we are generally distracted or well fed to notice their impact.

But since our dinner is generally digested within 5-6 hours of eating it, hormone fluctuations occur the whole night on an empty stomach, thereby creating a kind of retching sensation and vomiting, first thing in the morning. This discomforting feeling can be cured by having fresh lime juice, or even bananas first thing in the morning, as citrus and fibrous products help lessen its impact.

Stretch marks a must

Stretch marks are the most unwelcome in pregnancy, as they stay with you long after all others signs of pregnancy have faded. It is an old wife tale that the more weight you put on, the healthier would be your baby. Going by this logic stretch marks, caused by sudden weight gain are the main indicators of a healthy pregnancy.

However, the truth is that far from this, as they are in fact indicators of your negligent and lazy attitude towards your skin. During pregnancy, like our hormones fluctuate, similarly the texture, colour and ph levels of our skin also change. In most cases skin is left dry, rough, dark and patchy, and hence needs more attention and care.

It is only when your skin is deprived of frequent moisturising that it gets so parched that it leaves tell-tale signs in the form of stretch marks that start off as being prominently visible to being permanently embedded. The best remedy for them is to massage your body, at east your stomach and thighs with warm coconut oil as often as you can, as the drier and rougher your skin, the more will be the scars.

Cravings are just natural

Now many women when pregnant go into a complete overdrive on their health front. Far from just eating for two, they seem to be eating for a whole family. While they may blame it on their cravings for all things salty or even sweet, science offers another more feasible explanation. Since most of our nutritional intake is being routed towards the baby, cravings then are a general sign of deficiency of one or another important vitamin or mineral in our body.

So should you be carving tangy, spicy things, chances are you have a salt deficiency. And if it is junk food that you senselessly eat all the time, then in all probability you are looking for comfort and reassurance. Either ways, whatever you feel a carving for, indulge yourself in it, but break it down over a couple of small frequent meals. Also, remember to have a daily dose of calcium and multi-vitamin supplement.

Backaches part of the deal

While a certain degree of discomfort and body ache are expected and has to be borne during this phase, backache need not be one them. When we are carrying, our back becomes not just our backbone, our support structure, but also that of our baby, as it has to support a huge amount of weight by the time we hit the nine months milestone.

Hence, it is but natural that all through the pregnancy process it struggles to provide us the right balance and structure, we so completely need, and it is this that is the cause of frequent back aches.

But backache is in no way a given, because if we take care of ourselves the right way, we can help our back serve us better. The first thing to take stock of is our posture. Always walk straight with a high neck, the more we stoop and slouch, the more the pressure on the backbone vertebra. Next, pack up all your high heel shoes.

These are very dangerous during this time, as should you be unable to balance yourself well, a tumble maybe the end of your pregnancy. Wear flat, comfortable shoes with soft cushion soles to ease the immense pressure of your heavy frame on your feet and back. And when free try to squat on the floor as much as you can, as this exercise literally removes all weight off your shoulders and backbone.

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