Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Myths of Laser Hair Removal - Laser Hair Removal Facts Revealed » Laser Hair Removal – Common Myths

Unwanted facial and body hair is a major problem for women. Some of the hair removal methods are painful while some need to be repeated quite frequently. With time being a major constraint women seek a permanent hair removal method that is quick and easy.

Laser hair removal has emerged as a popular way to remove unwanted hair as it eliminates the hassles of plucking, waxing, shaving and using depilatory creams. Given below are common myths that are associated with this non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

The foremost myth regarding laser hair removal is that, it is very painful. The fact however remains that this form of hair removal procedure is not very painful when compared to other commercial methods like electrolysis and waxing. People opting for laser hair removal describe the “pain” as a slight stinging or tingling sensation.

Another false belief about laser hair removal is that the method is meant for specific skin type and the results are best only for women with fair colored skin. However the recent advancement in the field of laser hair removal ensures that the equipments used are completely effective in removing hair from the darkest of skin. Nonetheless before starting the procedure you must make sure that your practitioner is using the latest laser hair removal equipment available.

Next, most people falsely believe that laser hair removal treatment is a prolonged procedure and it takes several years to get rid of unwanted hair. In reality, it takes only 4-5 treatments to remove about 95% of unwanted body hair. Normally patients are recommended to repeat the treatments every six to eight weeks. This states that you can finish your treatment completely in about 24 weeks.

Another common myth associated with this form of treatment is that it is very expensive. Although every session of your laser hair removal costs more when compared to other hair removal procedures, it turns out to be cheap and cost-effective in the long run. This is so as you require only few visits to free yourself of unwanted hair permanently.

Lastly people falsely believe that laser hair removal is not safe. However the fact is that the laser beam used in this form of treatment targets hair follicles only and the surrounding tissues and skin remain unharmed.

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