Natural Remedies For Corns

Natural Remedies For Corns

Natural Remedies For Corns - Remedies For Corns - Corns - Treatment Of Corns - Cause Of Corn - Getting Rid Of Corns » Natural Remedies for CornsCorns can be painful as they are toughened skin patches formed in the shape of a cone with the tip pointing into the foot. The major cause of corn formation is a wrong selection of footwear which leads to the pressurization of the toes and skin surfaces of the feet eventually leading to the occurrence of small yet painful corns. By following some preventive measures and some natural home made remedies, one can ward off the problem of corns.

To prevent the occurrence of ugly and painful corns on your feet, one should follow some basic preventive measures like wearing proper, comfortable and fitting shoes, wearing socks that fit and by taking proper care of the feet by washing them regularly along with moisturizing them so that they do not become dry. There are also medicinal corn-removing plasters or corn caps available with the chemists which have been found effective in the prevention as well as treatment of corns.

Along with some basic preventive measures, there are also natural remedies available which can help a suffering person to effectively get rid of the problem of corns. One of the most valuable natural remedy is by the use of liquorice. A paste can be made by grinding three or four liquorice sticks and mixing it with half a teaspoon of sesame oil or mustard oil. This paste should then be applied to the hardened skin to effectively get rid of the problem. It has also been found that lemon slice tied to a corn for a reasonable amount of time helps in its fast healing. Similarly, one can also apply raw papaya juice on the affected area to get immediate relief. Applying milky juice of green figs on the affected area not only helps in getting rid of corns but also aids in providing preventive protection from the problem for a long duration of time.

By following these natural methods, one can effectively deal with the problem of corns. Moreover, prevention is always better than cure and thus one should take all the necessary preventive measures to stay away from this painful problem.

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