Negative Communication In A Relationship

Negative Communication In A Relationship

Negative Communication In A Relationship - Negative Communication In A Relation | Tips on - Find TipsCommunication is an important factor in any relationship. It can either make or break it. On one hand, it is true that without proper communication it is impossible to build a healthy relation; on the other hand, it is also very possible that most of the times we are in the realms of negative communication.

Below are some of the things that one must keep in mind before communicating. Otherwise, negative communication will be disastrous.

What do you want to convey? Be very clear on this in the mind first or else you would not be able to get through the message. And by conveying I mean whether you want to say any sensitive, blaming or negative information because whatever it is, the person speaking has to take care of the subsequent consequences. Also keep the body language positive. Do not seem defensive or else the other person might start withdrawing form you.

What is the importance of what you are trying to say? Is it something about the relationship that you think can affect negatively? One might also take the help of close family and friends to get the message across. Sometimes this strategy helps ward off volatile situations.

What outcome are you expecting? This means the partner’s response. One can again take the advice of family and friends. The whole strategy of the communication would be based on your prediction of the partner’s reaction.

Never ever criticize or judge without reason while communicating. Be calm and composed and cordial; practical headed and cool minded. Never run out of patience because you never can know the other person’s reaction for sure beforehand.

The whole process of communication depends on the issue at hand that needs to be addressed. Turning it to be positive or negative is entirely in your hands.

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