Neurobics to Strengthen the Brain

Neurobics to Strengthen the Brain

Neurobics to Strengthen the Brain - Boost your mind with Neurobic exercises - Memory Booster | Tips on - Find TipsJust like our body needs regular exercises to remain strong and healthy, our brain can also remain alert and resilient with the help of regular exercises. Similar to aerobics that strengthens our body and tones our muscles, Neurobics is the aerobics of the mind. It has been found in neurological studies that we have limited the actions of our senses through our lifestyle and convenience. A large portion of our brain remains unutilized and underutilized. Neurobics helps to create and recreate new connections of the brain that would keep our brain strong and at the same time acting as a memory booster.

You could practice the following Neurobic exercises to remain mentally strong.

1. How many times do you use your non-dominant hand in your daily activities? By increasing the utility of your non-dominant hand, you could rewire an underused area of your brain. Use your non-dominant hand while brushing your teeth, getting dressed, combing your hair and eating your breakfast.

2. Instead of waking up to the same odor of tea or coffee every morning, wake up to a new odor every day. If you smell different odors when you wake up every morning, you will open up new neural passages.

3. Try to connect information with odor. Before dialing a number smell an herb or any other substance. Repeat the process and see whether the odor helps you in remembering the number.

4. In home try to sense objects with your eyes closed. While taking a bath use your tactile senses to track the soap, adjust the temperature of the water or to locate the tap.

5. Our senses are marginalized by our daily routines that we tend to follow religiously. An effective way of stimulating the mind is by bringing a sudden break in our monotonous routine. Take a different route to work. Visit different types of markets for shopping. Visit new places. Completely rearrange your house, office and desktop.

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