New Year Party Games

New Year Party Games

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Have as many boards as the number of contestants. Keep all the 26 alphabets assorted in a big bowl. When the game begins, each of them has to find the alphabets for the word “NEW Year” one by one and stick it on the cardboard in the proper order. The person who finishes first wins.

Cool Drink Game

Have a lot of cool drinks placed for each contestant. When the game begins the person starts drinking the cool drink and the person who drinks maximum number of cool drinks in a minute wins. This can be played with any eatables also.

Resolution Guess

Everybody would have made their own resolutions for the New Year. Ask each of the contestants to pen down two resolutions each. Now take the sheets from each person and read the resolution aloud without telling out the name of the person who wrote these resolutions. All the other persons will guess whose resolution it is. The person who guesses maximum names correct as against the resolutions wins.

Bottoms Up

Provide cool drink to all the contestants. Tell them to drink bottoms up (drink without stopping till the bottle is empty). The person who finishes first wins.

Gift Unwrap

You will obviously like to give New Year gifts. So wrap these gifts in multiple layers of paper. Give one gift to each person. Give 30 seconds time. The person who gets the gift by tearing all the layers of paper first, wins.

Light Candles

Provide each contestant with a lot of candles and a lighter or a matchbox. Give them 30 seconds time and tell them to light the candles. Person who has lit maximum number of candles wins.

Balloon Pumping Race

Give each couple a bicycle pump and a number of balloons. Give them a minute time. The couple who have the highest number of balloons pumped wins the race.

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