News360 (Beta)

News360 (Beta)

Recession-hit US, riots in Britain, fight against corruption in India and democratic revolution in the Middle East are some of the headlines that have been appearing in the news channels on and off in the recent past. If you want to keep up with more of such events all over the world then you need an efficient news aggregator.

News360 (Beta) - A Fresh News Aggregator For Your Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop

Now, you must be thinking you already have one but having a look at the latest News360 (Beta) will definitely change your mind. News360 is a news aggregator that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the nest generation mobile web users.

News360 is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry Playbook, and devices based on WP7 and Android OS. Here is a detailed description of the web version of News360. News360 flaunts a unique news aggregation mechanism and it ranks news in such a manner so that you never miss on any breaking news. Besides, what really is unique about News360 is its spectacular look.

Look And Design

The design of News360 is absolutely appealing which is far more than a decent newscaster. However, the looks do not disintegrate its basic functions. So, you can scroll down to have an idea about happenings all across the globe.

It categorizes the news pieces as Top News which obviously arranges the top headlines irrespective of the ranks given by original sources. Towards the left there is a news filter option that enables you to reach to specific category of news such as business news, world affairs, celebrity news, etc.

News360 (Beta) - A Fresh News Aggregator For Your Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop

As a particular news item is covered in numerous different ways by different sources, News360 gives an option to view all of them. All you have to do is to press the Source button (e.g., Associated Press) which will lead you to a tabbed display of major networks that are covering that particular news item.

For better reading experience, News360 includes a slideshow of images at the top portion. It also flaunts a Read Original tab that links you to the original source page. News360, in its simplest form, is a news tailor. It gathers news from over 700,000 companies, locations and brands and presents them on a single platform.


If you connect your accounts on any of the social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter then News360 would analyze your profiles and suggest news for you according to your taste and preference. You can skip this process anyways and customize news for yourself.

News360 (Beta) - A Fresh News Aggregator For Your Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop

News360 is a personal news feed in a way that it enables you to add new categories. Every new category added is included in My Interests panel. There is a bunch of pre-defined categories where you can choose from. If you want to search for a particular source on a news item then just search it on the Search bar.

This means if you type your city name on the Search bar, News360 will present all the news items related to that specific city. This is because News360 offers keyword-specific searches. Besides, you can share news items with near and dear ones.

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