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Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy - French president nicolas sarkozy - Biography of nicolas sarkozy - Nicolas sarkozy marriege » Nicolas Sarkozy Is One Of The Most Flamboyant Presidents France Ever Had!If news reports from London and the rest of Europe are to be believed, it is with some amount of amazement that the public there has reacted to the latest news about Nicolas Sarkozy, who is tagged as being one of the most stylish and flashy head of state in the political history of France. However, the newest publication on the international circuit of non-fiction, titled, ‘Love, Rupture and Betrayal’ shows the French Prez in a whole, different light all-together, which is bordering on shocking!

The new book tags Mr. Sarkozy as being nothing short of a ‘brute’ and mentions that he indulged in what were termed as ‘brutal’ exchanges with the women in his life, including wives and ex-lovers. It also highlighted a certain incident in connection with this seemingly ungentlemanly conduct of Mr. Sarkozy in which he had a conflict of interests with wife, Cecilia (then 51) just before the presidential elections (during the run-up) and it turned so aggressive that she lodged a police complaint.

Nothing is reported of any action having taken place after the police complaint however, though the 53-year-old Sarkozy had been given a stern ticking-off by the French Interior Minister at the time of the complaint being filed about watching his step.

In light of these past dark clouds over his political and personal dealings, Sarkozy was still regarded as one of the flamboyant Presidents France ever had, even as it was a publicly known fact that his wife Cecilia had not cast a vote in favor of him when the polls took place, after the quarrel. Needless to say, due to this rather publicly expressed friction between the famous couple, their marriage was under a lot of stress and it came as no surprise to the French people when they parted ways in Oct 2007.

What further boosted Mr. Sarkozy’s reputation as a flamboyant figure in French politics is his next move or third marriage to a younger, glamorous and delectably foreign model, Carla Bruni, a good 14 years his junior.

Author Hubert Coudurier did grant Mr. Sarkozy certain saving graces in his book even as conflicting reports from ‘The Sun’ publication painted him to be very demanding (allegedly asking of another lover get his things ready for him in the mornings as he was so accustomed to his wife’s ministrations) and said he was considerate to people and could be very nice, but mostly only when they were on his side.

No contradiction have been made by the Elyse Palace so far about the startling statements made in the book and leaves much open to speculation about the personality going with the chair of France’s state heads, then.

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